We’ve Updated Our Japan Camera Hunter Street Pan 400 Review

Hi folks,

We know that the analog world is alive and well, and so for that reason I went in to update our review of Japan Camera Hunter Street Pan 400. We’re doing this a little differently though: we know that analog still isn’t “as popular” as digital photography. So it’s being done in a more complex way.

With this considered, you should note that this month over at our premium publication La Noir Image, we’re focusing on Analog techniques, features, artists, and tutorials. So after an additional six months of testing the film, developing, and hours of scanning, we’re publishing our addendum there. This addendum will be available only to subscribers of the website. If you’re a subscriber to La Noir Image, you can find it here.

Let me explain!

Why are we doing this? Well, our standard review provides enough of what most people would probably care about when it comes to knowing about the film. But I’ve personally spent six months worth of shooting, testing, pushing, pulling, developing, scanning, and comparing the film. Let’s admit it: analog is a bit more expensive and absolutely no one else on the web spends six months on a review. I tend to do this with printers and hard drives–and obviously film at times. So the addendum to the review goes more in depth and negates the things that really don’t matter while also being very true to life in our process. There is no pixel peeping and when I started this company I promised that I wouldn’t do so unless absolutely necessary.

With film, you get a unique enough look in many situations where you can see the difference between one emulsion and another.

La Noir Image has a number of subscription options.

  • At $15/year (yes a year, not a month) you get access to the basic subscription which includes site, access to our giveaways, and a packet of presets. More is coming.
  • At $40/year, you get the intermediate subscription. This includes all of the basic subscription and this year you’ll be getting a special black and white photography video made just for you.
  • At $100/year, you get the Advanced subscription. This includes all of the above and a personalized one on one session where I critique up to 20 images from your portfolio with you.

Honestly, it’s a darn good deal. A good glass of whiskey costs more then $15 and doesn’t last you an hour.

In the end, I can in good faith completely justify that this is fair considering you’re getting our addendum to our review and so much more.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.