Addendum Replaces the Faces of Street Photography Subjects With Those in Famous Paintings


Photos by Aref Jdey. Used with permission

There are loads and loads of issues with street photography: one of which is the issue of someone’s rights in public. Photographer Aref Jdey started in photography by shooting wildlife but then wanted to transition into street photography–but many ethical and legal issues held him back. After some thought about this, he figured out solution: inserting the faces of characters in famous paintings into the photos. That’s the focus behind his project “Addendum” which involves shooting the images with a Leica X2, some Photoshop compositing and processing in Nik Silver Efex to make the images look like vintage pieces of film.

“I’ve been struggling with legal issues and permission inquiries wherever I was traveling, losing many opportunities to make some good shots.” says Aref. “And when I saw the last work of Nastya Nudnik, I told myself let’s give it a try, but instead of icons, I’ll insert paintings personae and characters, reversing the process.”

Aref’s images are both hilarious and well executed from an art perspective. You can see more after the jump or on his Tumblr.

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