La Noir Image is Featuring Documentary Photographers and Projects

This month our premium publication La Noir Image is featuring black and white documentary photography. The month’s prepared premium content features tutorials and essays on the art form. But the month’s free content will feature the work of some fantastic documentary photographers.

Want to be featured? Here’s how.

Contact me: chrisgampat[at]thephoblographer[dot]com

To Submit images: Imagine a millionaire offered you $1,000,000 for a black and white image of yours. What 10 images would you show that person? Think very carefully, this is a once in a lifetime deal.

Then answer these three questions:

  • What makes black and white photography so important to you?
  • What inspires you to create photographs?
  • Why is black and white photography so important to our future in the art
  • Tell us about your documentary project. Tell us the who, what, when, where, how and why. I want to know everything.

Make the email subject: La Noir Image Submission: (Your name here) Attach 10 images at 1000 pixels on the wide side to the email. Make sure that they’re documentary themed.

Also, you can subscribe to La Noir Image right here.

Why Should I Subscribe to La Noir Image?

We’ve had this question come up before. With so much free content on the web already, why should you subscribe? Well, here are a number of fantastic reasons:

  • La Noir Image is a premium, carefully done publication around themes in black and white photography.
  • Each month, a random subscriber wins a generous prize. But now, we’ve got a challenge based Facebook group due to reader request
  • $15/year is less than a good glass of whiskey. A YEAR!!!! That’s like $1/month.
  • Premium content on La Noir Image isn’t anywhere else on the web; especially with the way that we do it. Trust me, I’ve done loads of research on this stuff before I put stories together.
  • Every subscriber gets access to free Lightroom presets
  • $40/year gets access to the website’s premium content and a special black and white tutorial video coming this year. That’s like $3.33 a month when broken down.
  • $100/year gets you the premium content, the tutorial video and a personalize critique of 20 of your images from me. That’s around $8.33 a month when broken down.
  • Only one monthly email; which means I try my very best to not bother anyone or flood your inbox.
  • Completely ad free!!!!! La Noir Image is 100% fully funded by reader subscriptions

This is the perfect complementary content to the Phoblographer if you’re looking to get deeper into photography in ways that the industry’s higher thinkers do. And you should head over to our website and go subscribe.