Why You Should Look Back at Your Old Photographs (and Cringe)

If you haven’t looked back at your old photographs in a long time, this video will explain why it’s something you should do more often.

Cameras sure have come a long way since the birth of photography, and photographers now have a lot of tools to achieve their creative vision. Even smartphones are now equipped with cameras that are getting more powerful, making it possible for virtually everyone to be a photographer. These things have made it possible for most of us to create decent photos today. But how do we know if we’re improving given that most of the technicalities have already been taken care of for us? Canadian photographer Peter McKinnon tells us about one way to find out in his quick video.

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Bruce Gilden Explains What Makes a Great Street Photograph

Screenshot taken from the video

Magnum photographer Bruce Gilden himself spent decades perfecting his signature style of filling the frame with candid close-up portraits, making him one of the revered – and often imitated – street photographers in that arena. With street photography being one of the most popular categories today, it’s one of those genres many photographers take a stab at, albeit mostly blindly. To make things extra challenging, there are really no hard and fast rules you can follow to guarantee a compelling street snap; all those guides and photo books can give you is something you can start with. What you can do, however, is diligently and persistently practice until you get your own style, voice, and storytelling technique.

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The Journey of Finding Your Own Photographic Style

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Tokina 70-200mm f4 Pro first impressions samples (6 of 8)ISO 1001-1000 sec at f - 4.0

When any photographer starts out, they have a vast journey ahead of them. Photography has so many different paths and intertwining roads that it can be tough to navigate on the path to either becoming a professional, semi-professional, or hobbyist. It takes refinement and what you’ll find is that you’re going to shed skin in order to keep growing and changing like an animal sheds an exoskeleton.

Here’s some advice that we have for the folks who are on the journey to finding their own photographic style.

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5 Ways To Critique Your Own Photos

Critique gservo-1382140326

Often our photography has a lot going for it. Sometimes it lacks a clear identity. Before we display our images, we get them critiqued. The first person who critiques your work should be you yourself. As photographers, we spend a lot of time and money wondering if our images are good. We spend time creating and editing the images. We spend money making sure we store the images correctly. We are all susceptible to flattery and we accept when people tell us our images are nice. With our own image though, we must be brutal and unforgiving.

The question is, just how do you do this? Here some tips to help.

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15 Ways to Stay Photographically Inspired


Sometimes we get into a creative rut that limits us and what we can do. If you’re shooting commercial work all the time, it’s important to keep building personal work to keep your creative edge alive. But if you’re shooting for yourself, then it’s important to just go out there and shoot. And even though it’s a tough task, finding inspiration or vision in nearly anything can also help you to progress creatively.

But for the moment, here are 15 quick tips on how to stay photographically inspired.

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Getting My Photos Critiqued by Eyeist


If there is anything photographers are hungry for besides new gear, it’s a thoughtful and insightful critique of their work. It’s not as easy to find as one might think. There are no shortages of people who will voice their opinion on your photography, but what we are often looking for is a fresh perspective. We desire a point of view that not only confirms that we are doing something right, but that also suggests how to take our work to the next level.

Eyeist is an online photography review site, which offers the kind of evaluation, and critique that is often relegated to in-person portfolio reviews at photo conventions or media speed dating events. Using the tools of the Internet, Eyeist brings together photographers with industry professionals including photo editors, art buyers and professional photographers. It offers photographers a chance to receive feedback and make contact with people who are actively working with or as professional photographers.

Interested? Use the discount code: PHOBLOG-2

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Ten Ways to Take Better Photos Without Spending More Money

No matter what your photography knowledge level or equipment are, you can take better photos today than you did yesterday without spending a dime. Every one of my suggestions can be applied whether you’ve had professional training or not, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re using a $100 point-and-shoot or an expensive DSLR. Geared primarily towards amateur hobbyists, perhaps those of you with more experience can get some ideas as well. Here are some suggestions that are independent of gear.

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Sites to Get Your Photos Critiqued

If you want to get your photographs critiqued, there are sites on the web to help you. Whether you are a professional, amateur, enthusiast, semi-pro, etc there are ways to find out how to improve the quality of your work. Many of them are free and great resources to help you. Here is a list of some of the best places on the web to help you get your photos critiqued.

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