10 Inspiring Tips for Better Landscape Photos

Screenshot taken from the Video

Screenshot taken from the Video

Photographer Antony Spencer teamed up with Phase One last year to share inspirational tips on how to shoot better landscape images. But these aren’t necessarily any ordinary tips that you’ve heard before. While he mentions some of the essentials, he also lists some less noticeable and unheard tips. For example, he stresses that you remove the strap to prevent any sort of camera shake. This makes a lot fo sense since a strap flailing about in the wind is like the sail on a boat. Antony also states that you should look for unique shapes–with specific emphasis on S shapes in the land.

Otherwise, he talks about mirror lockup, and a whole bunch of other essentials to getting better landscapes. In fact, he even talks a bit about using an app to figure out the best timing so that he can plan accordingly when setting up. The video after the jump is filled with a plethora of landscape photography tips.

While Antony also talks about getting the best camera that you can, we’re going to emphasize the importance of lenses. He’s using a Phase One medium format beast, but we’ve got some pairings for those not reaching for fruit as high. Be sure to also check out our introduction to shooting better landscapes.

The video on getting Better Landscape Photos is after the jump.

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