Toshiba’s New SDHC Card Has NFC Built In But Can’t Transfer Images


For CES 2015, Toshiba is announcing a brand new SDHC card with up to 32GB of storage–but the big draw comes from its NFC enabled abilities. That’s right: make your camera hug it out with your Android tablet or phone and by using Toshiba’s free Smartphone and Memory Card Preview Mobile app, you’ll be able to browse up to 16 of the images on the phone.

But it ends right there. Unfortunately, you can’t transfer the images. But the company is also announcing new FlashAirIII WiFi enabled cards at CES 2015. Life Eye-Fi Cards, the card becomes a hot spot and your phone connects to it to transfer the images over.

The cards come in 8GB, 16GB or 32GB sizes. While the NFC cards don’t have a set price yet, DPReview says this about the FlashAirIII cards “It will be available in March for $79.99 for a 16GB version or $99.99 for 32GB.”

Chris Gampat

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