Five Modern Film Cameras to Get Excited About

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It’s true: film is still alive and kicking. In fact, this year we saw the release of many more film cameras than we’ve seen in such a short amount of time. It seems like manufacturers are finally getting it and that all the fun that is involved in shooting film is finally reaching a larger market.

To celebrate this recent trend, here are five new film cameras that you should get very excited about.

Fujifilm’s Large Format Wide 300 Instax

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One of the last things that Fujifilm has done to help the film world involves the announcement of their new Large Format Wide 300 Instax camera. For starters, it uses the new 80x108mm Instant film.

The Wide 300 comes with all the comforts users expect with an Instax camera including a built-in optical viewfinder, electronic flash, plus 1/64 – 1/200 second shutter speeds. The camera also comes with a 95mm lens that can focus between two ranges at 0.9-3 meters and then three meters to infinity. Alternatively, the Instax Wide 300 comes with a close-up lens adapter for macro shots letting users get up to 15.5 inches away from the subject.

The Instax Wide 300 will be available next spring for $129.99, meanwhile Instax Wide film will come in twin packs of 20 for $31.99.

Lomo LCA 120

LCA 120 Lomography

In another move that completely blew us away, the Lomography company created what is essentially a medium format point and shoot camera. Many photographers already revere the company’s LCA, but very recently they brought out their LCA 120. The camera operates with a program auto functionality where you only have control over the ISO and also uses a 38mm f4.5 wide angle lens. It shoots square images–you know, kind of like Instagram.

Plus, the lens is made of glass–just like the other LCA cameras. It’s going for $429; which isn’t terrible at all for medium format.

Leica M-A

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Another big surprise is the announcement of the new Leica M-A film camera. This camera has no electronics whatsoever–just like many of the very old and original Leica cameras that many photographers still revere. That means that you can take it out in the snow, rain, or whatever precipitation you want as long as you realize that the lenses aren’t weather sealed.

Indeed, all that this camera has to it is an ISO dial for you to remember what film you put in, an advance lever, shutter delay lever, rangefinder/viewfinder, shutter dial, and that’s really about it. With this camera, Leica has very much so returned to their roots.

It’s truly a thing of beauty.

Lomography Lomo’Instant


We didn’t think for a second that Lomography would get $1,000,000 for the Kickstarter initiative on their Lomo’Instant camera, but they got it. Essentially, the Lomo’Instant is the company’s first original instant film camera that sits at a much lower price point than many other previous entries. As with many things Lomo, it has fully automatic operation along with a motorized printing system. It uses Fujifilm Instax Mini film and can do things like multiple exposures.

If you’re looking to get into instant film shooting on the cheap, this is definitely your option.

New55 Instant 4×5 camera


When it comes to working with large format Instant film, we’re very excited about New55 reaching their Kickstarter initiative. The company will be putting out new instant film and a new 4×5 camera for said film. The film is a peel-apart version like much of the medium format and large format emulsions that professional photographers have used for a while. While it isn’t exactly instant, it doesn’t take super long to develop either.

We’re excited to know that the company reached their goal, but would love to see more work done with the film and the camera. Either way, we’re waiting with lots of anticipation.

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