Photographer Tim Kemple on the New Phase One IQ250 (And Comparison to D800)

Phase One IQ250

Photographer Tim Kemple is no stranger to the Phoblographer. We’ve interviewed him before about his work in the great outdoors and his photography in general. But when we heard that he got to play with the new back, we were extremely curious to talk to him about it.

Not only was he able to tell us a bit more about the experience, but he was kind enough to provide crop examples of the new back against the Nikon D800.

Phoblographer: Obviously the big new feature of the back is the new CMOS sensor, which performs better at high ISOs. What are your findings of the images so far vs conventional DSLR cameras?

Tim: Yeah, the CMOS sensor all around which means awesome high ISO images, super long exposure and a real live view.

To me the only camera you can compare it to in terms of high resolution and dynamic range is the D800. For me that camera is the top of heap in the DSLR world for a variety of reasons (READ RESOLUTON AND DYNAMIC RANGE) and in my real world comparisons the IQ250 is noticeably better at all ISOs. If I would have to guess I’d say a stop at 6400 with less pixel noise, and much less broad band noise. Don’t get me wrong, there is still noise as you crank the ISO its just less than I’m used to seeing AND the image as whole still maintains a pleasant feel — rather than getting muddy/getting noise blotching.

Phoblographer: Tell us about what you think about shooting with it so far.

Tim: Its pretty much like driving a super car. I mean it does one thing, and one thing really well — it captures the best images possible. It doesn’t have AC. It doesn’t have a radio…But as a professional photographer it will become my go to camera.

D800 6400 crop

D800 6400 crop

iq250 6400 crop

iq250 6400 crop


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