Review: Phase One IQ250 Medium Format Camera Back


Phase One’s IQ250 is a medium format back meant for the very high end shooter. At 50MP and not being a full frame 645 chip (it is cropped) you get the change over from CCD to CMOS with the smaller overall size as a tradeoff. Additionally, the back packs in Wifi transmission, a touch screen, great build quality, and some of the best RAW files that we’ve tested.

But interestingly enough, the Phase One IQ250’s biggest flaws have nothing to do with any of these or even the product itself.

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First Impressions: Phase One IQ250


When the Phase One IQ250 was announced, it was expected to outdo every DSLR in terms of image quality out there because of the large CMOS sensor. But when you get to the medium format level, you’re only as good as the body and the lenses. The IQ250 can output great images; but it isn’t without its drawbacks.

Or at least that what we’re finding so far…

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Essentials: The High End Architecture Shooter


Essentials is a series where we round up specially curated kits for different photographers in different situations. Other items could surely be substituted, but these are what we personally recommend. 

If you’re going for the high end Real Estate shooting gigs or photographing architecture, you’ll always need the right gear. Now, we know that using high megapixel DSLR can always do a great job, but to get the most performance from your files and the most versatility overall in post-production–and lots of post-production is needed to get the very best photos of buildings.

Here’s what we recommend for photographing buildings in the high end world.

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Photographer Tim Kemple on the New Phase One IQ250 (And Comparison to D800)

Phase One IQ250

Photographer Tim Kemple is no stranger to the Phoblographer. We’ve interviewed him before about his work in the great outdoors and his photography in general. But when we heard that he got to play with the new back, we were extremely curious to talk to him about it.

Not only was he able to tell us a bit more about the experience, but he was kind enough to provide crop examples of the new back against the Nikon D800.

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