Quick Unscientific High ISO Comparison: Canon 5D Mk II, Sony A99, and Sony RX-1

Tonight I did a super quick and super informal comparison post in my hotel suite between the Canon 5D Mk II, Sony A99 and RX1. Why the 5D Mk II? Well, most of you couldn’t tell the high ISO differences between the 5D Mk II and 5D Mk III; so why bother?

Each camera was set to Auto White Balance, 35mm at f2.8, 1/1000th and ISO 6400. They all focused on the same spot as well. Take a look at the samples and let us know your thoughts.

5D Mk II

Sony A99

Sony RX1

A couple of notes:

– Yes I’m aware of the different white balancing. No, I’m not changing it because it shows how the different cameras also react.

– The RX1 was a JPEG while the others were RAW files. No processing was done to any image though.

– This is informal

– I am extremely close to purchasing the A99. This is pretty much everything I wanted in a Full Frame DSLR.

– Though I was a bit offput by the RX1 when I tested the pre-production model, I’ve spent an entire day shooting with it and I’m convinced that with the electronic viewfinder attached, this camera will best nearly anything out there for street photography. The ergonomics are great, the manual focusing is awesome when combined with peaking, the image quality is top notch, and it is pretty darn small.

Something else a Sony rep and I discovered. The RX1 has wireless flash control built in: however, the pop-up flash doesn’t actually act like a master. It is only there for attached Sony flashes. That’s a bummer too; but it could just be the fact that myself and journalists with all coverage coming out right now on the web are dealing with near final production quality units.

More to come, so stay tuned.

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