Babette de Jong: A Talent for Fantastic Analog Film Landscape Photography

All images by Babette de Jong. Used with permission.

When Babette de Jong sent us an email to submit to the analog zine, I carefully went through her submission as I have with everyone who entered to be featured. Babette’s strength is in landscape photography. She loves film photography and strives to get it all as perfectly right in camera as she possibly can.

But more importantly, she’s just a good photographer. And her submission is after the jump.

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The Phoblographer’s Guide to Tamron Prime Lenses

In our years of reviewing lenses, we’ve reviewed a lot of prime lenses–including every prime lens offering from Tamron. The company has worked on revamping their lineup for the past few years the same way other lens manufacturers also have. But the biggest difference here is that Tamron offers great image quality, autofocus, weather sealing, and does all this at a really amazingly affordable price point.

So we’ve gone through our reviews index to sort together all of our Tamron lens reviews and help you figure out what’s best for you.

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Review: Fujifilm GFX 50S Mirrorless Medium Format Digital Camera

For years and years, a lot of us have been drooling over the idea of mirrorless medium format digital cameras, and the Fujifilm GFX 50S is one of the first offerings to make it onto the scene. Fujifilm opted to take the same route that Leica, Pentax and Hasselblad have done with a sensor built into a body vs the more traditional SLR styles of Phase One and some of Hasselblad’s lineup. The Fujifilm GFX 50s (price) you’d think would be targeted at the photographer who needs that kind of resolution, but instead it’s aimed at the photographer who typically uses a Canon 1Dx Mk II or Nikon D5 type of camera. Essentially, the highest end of the highest end. Weddings? Yup, this is for that. Sports? Well, that’s where Fujifilm starts to hit a wall.

However, the camera is an alternative option: opting instead for better resolution and a larger sensor in the same way that wedding photographers years ago reached for 645 medium format film cameras.

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How Daylight White Balance Can Make You a Better Photographer

For the past year or so, I’ve been doing a special experiment with the way I shoot photos: I’ve been working almost exclusively with daylight white balance. Crazy, right? Especially when these days the auto white balance setting seems to do such a great job. Plus, when you consider how easy post-production is these days, it almost makes no sense. But indeed it does. Shooting a bit more restrained lets you think in a different way.

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Photographer Alexander Denault Uses Film to Shoot the Northern Lights and Landscapes

All images by Alexander Denault. Used with permission.

Here is the link for my personal website:

Photographer Alexander Denault shoots film with his Rolleiflex and enjoys going out and meeting new folks. Along the way, he obviously shoots photos. Alex applied to be featured in our upcoming analog zine, and he surely gave us some of his best images to work with. Alex’s photos have a beautiful sense of symmetry and a significantly cleaner and organic look to them than digital has ever had.


In his images, you’re bound to find a sense of beauty.

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Jeb Inge: On Getting Back into Film Photography

All images by Jeb Inge. Used with permission.

There are a ton of photographers out there who started in film, then went digital, and eventually went back to film: and Jeb Inge is one of those shooters. This year he took the big leap and sold all of his digital equipment. His best work is landscape photography, but Jeb genuinely enjoys the documentation process of finding wonderful things in the world and capturing their essence. Jeb applied to be featured in our analog zine, and his work is wonderful enough to share here.

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Kyle Pozan: Film Photography as a Creative Outlet

All images by Kyle Pozan. Used with permission.

In the hundreds of applications that I’ve received for the analog zine’s creation, I’ve had to become more discriminatory about the types of work presented. As it is, not everyone’s work is going to get in and I’m only featuring the absolute best of the best. But then there are also a number of photographers who have good work that’s not zine quality but surely worth profiling and featuring on the website. And then there’s a ton of not to exemplary work. Amongst some of the work that’s worth featuring on this website though is that of photographer Kyle Pozan’s.

In the coming weeks, in order to give everyone progress on how the magazine is coming along, I’ll be featuring select photographers who have great work for the site but that isn’t making it into the zine.

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Photographer’s Toolbox: Landscape Photography Gear Essentials (Besides Cameras and Lenses)

Let’s be real here, if we are honest the only truly essential gear for a landscape photographer with passion and commitment is simply a camera. These days great results can come from utilizing just about any camera. That said, there are definitely some highly recommended items that all – if not most – landscape photographers will agree make landscape photography that much easier and fun to enjoy. Continue reading…