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Couds Roll in

All images by Raymond Hau. Used with permission.

Raymond Hau is a Chartered Accountant from the United Kingdom now living in Hong Kong. He does not consider himself a photographer but enjoys taking photos–which he does incredibly well. His typical subjects are landscapes, cityscapes and building though he tends to add a mix of people, food, etc.

The photography bug bit him back in high school when he used to work in the darkroom after shooting with his Contax SLR and a 50mm lens. Like many artists, the photo enthusiast within him stayed dormant in college for other priorities to take over. When he got out, it reawakened within him.

So what makes Raymond so special? His incredible sense of symmetry, composition, and the scenes that he captures with a unique perspective.

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Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Fujifilm 16-55mm f2.8 WR review Graham's images (16 of 19)ISO 4001-60 sec at f - 2.8

It’s extremely common for most photographers these days to simply just hold down a shutter button and hope that they get the right shot. But in the end, that just gives you loads and loads of extra images that you don’t necessarily need and you’ll end up with less keepers than you’d like. Fixing that problem means that you need to think about (in the brief window of time) the end result. And for that, you need to think about what you possibly see in a scene and how you can quickly capture it to ensure that you deliver a result that your mind’s eye saw.

Sounds really, really tough to do, right? It’s not that bad if you make the job easier for yourself by doing things like shooting in aperture priority where you have a bit of control over the image or you have an autofocus point already pre-selected for the scene. Automation of some of the settings lets you get to that end game image that you have in your head and greatly improves your chances of actually getting it.

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All images by Mikko Lagerstedt. Used with permission.

“The series was created from photographs I had taken in the past year. I realized that most of my favorite photos from that time included two elements that were, water and stars.” says photographer Mikko Lagerstedt when asked about what inspired the series Visions of Depth. “I feel that these photographs convey the feeling of depth from our planet to all the way to the Universe.”

Mikko Lagerstedt is a self-taught fine art photographer from Finland who loves night photography, atmospheric images and simplistic landscapes. He tells us that he aims to create images that convey emotions to the viewers. Mikko first got into photography on driving to a relative’s cabin. “After a rainy day, the sun started shining, and the fog was rising in the fields. I just had to stop and watch this beautiful moment and then I realized that I want to start capturing these kinds of moments.”

Mikko says that the loves taking landscape images, but especially at night.

“Darkness is just something I feel drawn to.”

Mikko’s aim is to get people to realize how amazing our planet is at night how small we are in the universe. With his Nikon D800, Nikon 16 – 35mm f/4.0 VR and Samyang 14 mm f2.8 along with a Sirui Tripod, he treks out at night to capture more scenes. At home he uses Lightroom and some of the images are multiple exposures blended together in Photoshop.

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All images by Jakob Wagner. Used with permission.

Photographer Jakob Wagner is well known for many projects. He’s worked for Adobe, Jim Beam, Victorinox, Emirates, Stern, the Royal Opera House and many more. But these days he’s marketing himself as being specialized in landscape, aerial, cityscape, industrial and fine art photography.

His latest project is called Fields; and it involves aerial photography combined with geometry and interesting compositions. Though most folks are all about drone photography these days, Jakob tells us that he’s more into gas balloon shooting for various reasons. Jakob tells us about the hardships of the project and the creative inspiration for it.

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All images by Mark Roberts. Used with permission.

Photographer Mark Roberts is an English photographer based in Lapland–more precisely right on the arctic circle in Rovaniemi, Finland. Mark got into backpacking due to his love of the wilderness which eventually turned into the creation of his blog, Backpacking North. This is how he combined his love of photography with hiking.

His photography work and knowledge eventually turned into him leading photo tours–which is a big leap from his humble beginnings of working in the darkroom in high school.

Mark’s knowledge of shooting landscapes is incredible and helped him overall become a better photography by not really chasing the light, but making it work for him.

Mark tells us “If I sat around waiting for golden hour on a backpacking trip I wouldn’t get very far. It’s far more important to exercise your skills and take photographs at all times of the day, and more importantly in all conditions.”

Our interview with Mark is after the jump.

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Zachary Shenal Adventure (7 of 15)

All images by Zachary Shenal. Used with permission.

Photographer Zach Shenal has been shooting adventure work for around a year and a half, and his work is bound to make him one of the more up and coming adventure photographers that we’ve seen in a while. After buying a DSLR while in the US military, he got really into photography. He started out shooting landscapes until the photo bug bit him and he was reading every tutorial he could find.

“I never really got into portraits as passionately as landscapes, but there is just something pleasing about showing a person interact with his/her environment.” Zach tells the Phoblographer in his pitch email.

Zach has an interesting sense of composition and creates scenes that show drama and use photojournalistic elements to tell stories. All of these combined make him an excellent adventure photographer that we just had to talk to.

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