Winter in Norway: The Stunning Winterscapes of Franz Sußbauer


All Images Copyright Franz Sußbauer. Used with Permission

Landscape photography is so much more than driving out to a remote location and snapping a few images. It takes time, dedication, planning, and lots of trial and error. When we first came across these incredible images from Franz Sußbauer for his series ‘Winter in Norway,’ we that they were something special. Anyone can go out and snap some landscape snapshots, but capturing nature’s emotion, the ebb and flow, and to do so in such detail – that takes talent and know how. “My plan was to make great pictures of a great landscape. Pictures like paintings with a hyper-realistic mood.”Franz said of the series.

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Liquid: a Series of Creative Polaroid Photos (NSFW)


All images by James Wigger. Used with permission.

Some of the coolest and most creative things in the photo world are often done with analog cameras and film– and some of the work of photographer James Wigger is a big testament to that statement. He was born in Farmington, Missouri in 1957 and has had work exhibited in Scotland, France and the Netherlands along with a number of galleries in the US while also having been featured in numerous magazines and books. James lives and works in Brooklyn, New York–which I guess you can say makes him one of the cool kids.

James has a very interesting method for what he calls his Liquid series. He would shoot an instant film photo, cut it open, spray liquid inside while it was developing, and look at the really cool and almost painteresque results.

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How Crappy Weather Can Make For the Best Photography

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Olympus Pen F sample review images (30 of 39)ISO 2001-4000 sec

If you’re a photographer that has ever shot during the Blue Hour, then you’ll understand how the lack of sun but still having little light can really help you to create potentially beautiful photos. There are loads of photographers who purposely don’t shoot during sunny days or the Golden Hour. Some photographers bill it as the softbox effect while others just like to go out and shoot. It works for photographers like Nathan Wirth and many more.

So if you’re feeling down about the weather, then here are reasons why it should motivate you to get out there and shoot.

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The Forgotten: Documenting the History of Landscapes


All images by Michael J Quinn. Used with permission.

Photographer Michael J Quinn is a landscape photographer does lots of work in the Arctic. His project, Saga of Ice, has been featured on the site before. While it’s the main thing that he’s pushing these days, he also works on another project: the Forgotten.

The Forgotten is a project documenting the landscapes of Colorado and tries to specifically analyze how the pioneers and those who came after tried to shape the land. Much of the project can be seen on Behance, but like many fine art photography projects, the intent isn’t necessarily clear.

So I talked to Michael about it.

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Andrea Securo: Breathtaking Images of Dolomites


All images by Andrea Securo. Used with permission.

Photographer Andrea Securo is quite lucky. He’s a geology student that lives by the mountains and that has a great talent for photographing dolomites. I found his work via Behance and was intrigued by his sense of composition, use of contrast, etc. He’s studied the work of many photographers such as Chris Burkard, Sebastian Salgado, Ansel Adams, and more. If he keeps at it, his work may even be up there with those wonderful photographers.

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The Enchanted Land: An Ethereal Vision of Northern Norway


All images by Bjørg-Elise Tuppen. Used with permission.

“Through the Enchanted land series I wanted to convey not only the beautiful and dramatic landscape up here, but also the feeling it afflicts on you when you dwell in it” says Bjørg-Elise Tuppen about his project called The Enchanted Land. Bjørg-Elise lives in northern part of Norway; and received a Bachelors degree in Graphic Design from the University of Herefordshire. But this is more than just a series of landscape photos.

On finding his work on Behance, you’ll see two parts of a project that he calls “The Enchanted Land.” But what you’ll notice about the images is an almost ethereal look to them.

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Anthony Robin: Getting Excited by Landscape Photography


All images by Anthony Robin. Used with permission.


Anthony Robin is a French photographer who now resides in Scotland. He loves nature, wild and remote places–and his images on Behance are what made him so attractive for this interview. Anthony’s sense of composition and making a landscape scene work are well coordinated like a talented symphony. He feels fortunate to be able to spend a lot of time traveling and working on personal projects.

Interestingly enough, most of Anthony’s time is spent shooting vs other tasks.

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Iwan Groot’s Landscapes Beautifully Capture the the World

Coastal Reflections II

All images by Iwan Groot. Used with permission.

“Experience is better than theory–go out and shoot regularly and you will get better, and the more you get to know nature the more enthralled you get by it and learn what to show off to others.” says photographer Iwan Groot about how he’s learned photography in the past couple of years. “Even on days when you are not photographing pay attention to when the sun sets or rises, when is there atmospheric darkness, how many clouds are too much for what you like, how light hits mountains or the clouds and the colors it makes in different situations.”

Iwan grew up in the Ivory Coast and Senegal; and he’s travelled a lot in area where there is much to do after work. So he went about finding new places to take pictures. Iwan took a specific interest in Astroscapes–photos of the earth and the night sky that create compelling and beautiful sights. From that, he’s also a highly capable landscape photographer.god

He tells the Phoblographer that his talents came from constantly trying new things, learning and embracing post-production while creating realistic images.

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