For Better Photos of Thanksgiving Dinner: Move it to Window Light

If you’re reading this today, it’s Thanksgiving here in America. Thanksgiving dinner excites all of us and if you’re going to try to take better pictures of the food, just remember the biggest tip for all food photography: use window lighting.

What that essentially means is you move the food to a location where a lot of lighting comes in from the windows and therefore gives the food lots of beautiful, soft lighting. The alternative is to keep your food where it is, and use a flash against the window to augment the natural lighting. But there’s no need to get that serious today.

Remember to be thankful for everything that you have.

Lead image by Stacy. Used with a Creative Commons License.

Dear Aspiring Professional Photographer: Please Realize What You’re Getting Into

Dear Aspiring Professional Photographer,

You’ve got some mojo! You are a photographer so imbued with creative energies and drive that you believe that you’ve got the know-how to become a professional, full-time photographer. Congratulations in the most sincere and honest way possible. You’ve got the aspiration to do what so few believe that they’ll ever be able to.

With that said, I should inform you a bit about the paths ahead in that twisty curvy road that ends up arching out into various stems and branches. Some of the terrain will be rocky, while others are expected to be smooth sailing.

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Infographic: 10 Most Popular Hashtags on Instagram

Stock Photo collection Alamy has just released an infographic highlighting the most popular hashtags on Instagram. Photographers looking to keep their photography on trend on the popular social media app may find some of the hashtags useful and wish to integrate them into their current marketing. Alamy’s infographic is also unique in that it not only looks at the most popular hashtags in Instagram’s history but also picks out 10 of the most popular ones of all time. Their goal is to help photographers stay in the know and keep track of the most common mobile photography trends.

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Do You Know How a Lens Bellows Works?

Many modern camera lenses focus by moving the elements inside of the lens. But not all lenses focused like that. Modern large format and some medium format cameras focus with the use of a lens bellows. Part of this is because otherwise the lens itself would be huge. In today’s tutorial video, we show you all about focusing a camera with a lens bellows, the problems around them, etc. We don’t get into everything, but for the person looking to go big with medium format or large format, all this is great information to know.

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How Much Do Imaging Sensors Really Matter Over Lighting?

For many years as a photographer, I’ve had one trick that has made all my product photography shine. Companies lease our product images, and on social platforms or messaging boards our product images are often used to showcase a lens or camera looking sexy. We wrote a while back about how we do product photos, but something that continues to be an issue with many photographers even today is whether or not you should have a new camera, an old camera, a full frame sensor, a Four Thirds sensor or an APS-C Sensor.

And I’m here to show you the absolute truth: with good lighting and a few tweaks of sliders in Lightroom, none of that matters when it comes to image quality. Of course, cameras can have different features that make them more or less attractive depending on the application. But in general, a more experienced photographer can take any camera you hand them and create a fantastic image no matter what.

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A Photographer’s Take: Why Work With Constant Lighting Vs Flash

One of the debates so many photographers have with themselves when trying to evolve is whether or not they should work with constant lighting or flash. They’re both used by professional photographers often, and they’re both capable of delivering beautiful images. But they’re also both very different, not only in the look that they can deliver, but the way they are used. For what it’s worth too, the cost differences can be vast.

Here’s a quick introduction on constant light vs flash.

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Fine Tuning Your Autofocus: Making Your Camera Simply Work Better

Autofocusing with cameras is one of the biggest features that are always kept in mind when someone makes a purchase. Unfortunately though, not everyone knows how to take the best advantage of what their camera offers them. In truth, if you’ve got a camera from 2011 and afterward, you pretty much have everything you’ll need to accomplish most everyday tasks when it comes to autofocusing on your subject. Whether you’re photographing your pets running around like maniacs or photographing a subject in the dimly lit dark, your camera can handle most instances if you just use it correctly.

Let’s delve delve into this.

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