LightPix Labs Announces New FlashQ Q20II and T2 Trigger

The FlashQ Trigger T2 gets upgraded with a rechargeable battery, while the FlashQ Q20II now allows USB charging on the flash body.

If you’re looking into trying out off-camera LED flashes or LED lights for your compact camera, you might want to check out the new FlashQ Q20II. Hong Kong-based LightPix Labs has upgraded the Q20II and the included T2 Trigger with USB charging capabilities.

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The Professional Photographer’s Introduction to Wireless Flash for Amateurs

Like many photographers, I worked for a time as an assistant in a studio, where one of my most important tasks was to follow behind (or in front of, or beside) the photographer and make sure they didn’t trip over their PC cable, thereby unplugging the lights while simultaneously falling unceremoniously on their face.

A remnant of the same era where telephone operators manually plugged cables into long rows of connectors to complete a call, the PC connector is a long cord that attaches between the camera and a flash or strobe setup. The PC has always been a problematic solution. On one side is usually found a connector that’s the same as a 3.5mm headphone mini-connector, while on the other side is a coaxial cable comprised of an inner cable wrapped in a thin circular metal housing. The circular coaxial end of the cable plugs into a camera’s PC port, and the 3.5mm cable plugs into a lighting pack. Multiple packs could be strung together by a series of cables, and photographers needing a lot of space between themselves and their packs would often combine multiple extenders and drag the cables behind them.

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Phottix Triton II Flash Trigger Works With 16 Channels

The first generation Phottix Triton Wireless Trigger was released in 2008, and the newly launched Triton II Flash Trigger is an evolution that works with a total of 16 channels of studio lights. The Phottix Triton II is a new budget-friendly flash trigger system boasting the latest techonology suitable for manual shooting with studio strobes or hot shoes flashes.

Think PocketWizard Plus III; or something of the sort yet not as advanced and not being a transceiver.

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Nissin Introduces the Tiny i40 Compact Flash

Kevin Lee The Phoblographer Nissin i40 Product Images 1 of 3

Nissin is out with a new compact flash called the Nissin i40. Measuring in at less than 3 1/2” tall and weighing less than 8 ounces, it’s what they’re claiming to be one of the most pocketable hotshoe flashes in the world. Despite its diminutive size the i40 can throw out a flash output of 105mm with an auto-adjusting zoom-range, which moves it back down to 24mm.

The back of the flash has two selector dials to change the function and power of the flash making it easy enough for even beginners to operate. The flash can also be set to sync up with a 1/8000th of a second shutter speed. Meanwhile, a Wireless TTL mode and two two optical slave settings for multiple offset flash combinations.

The Nissin i40’s head rotates horizontally 180° from side to side and tilts up to 90° making it suitable for close up photography. It comes equipped with a built-in diffuser for 16mm lens coverage, plus a soft box for softening the harsh light and reducing shadows.

Arriving later this June for $269, the Nissin i40 needs four AA batteries to operate. Before then the Nissin i40 will be introduced and on display at the in the at the WPPI Expo in Las Vegas starting March 3rd. And in case you can’t see it there either, you can check out more images of the Nissin i40 after the jump.

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Hands On: Phottix Odin TTL Wireless Triggers for Canon EOS (Test at New York Comic Con 2011)

I’ve had the Phottix Odin Wireless TTL Triggers for less than a week now, but they’ve quickly turned into something that I need to have in my camera bag with me at almost all times. Recently, they saw lots of action during my visit to New York City Comic Con 2011. So how have they held up so far? And are they better than the Canon wireless flash system?

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Reader Question: How to Trigger a Flash Wirelessly on a Canon DSLR

We recently had a question posed to us on our Facebook wall asking us how to set your Canon 60D to trigger wireless flashes like a Canon 550 EX. To do this, we’re going to borrow a bit from our intro to Canon Wireless Flash posting. Since I don’t have a Canon 60D, I’m going to use my 7D and show you how to trigger a 430 EX II (the flash closest in functionality to the 550 EX) wirelessly using infrared control.

Hit the jump to check out the instructional video.

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Book Review: DIY Photography- Home Studio Photography

Do it yourself projects are usually very fun. I used to work on things like this back in college when I was more into cinematography. DIYPhotography’s Udi Tirosh, the creator of the well reviewed Bokeh Master’s Kit, has written a very informative and carefully explained book: Home Studio Photography. The eBook is a complete listing of a bunch of fun projects to work on at home when you’re bored. Beyond boredom, many of the creations have practical applications in the photo world as well.

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