Nissin Introduces the Tiny i40 Compact Flash

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Nissin is out with a new compact flash called the Nissin i40. Measuring in at less than 3 1/2” tall and weighing less than 8 ounces, it’s what they’re claiming to be one of the most pocketable hotshoe flashes in the world. Despite its diminutive size the i40 can throw out a flash output of 105mm with an auto-adjusting zoom-range, which moves it back down to 24mm.

The back of the flash has two selector dials to change the function and power of the flash making it easy enough for even beginners to operate. The flash can also be set to sync up with a 1/8000th of a second shutter speed. Meanwhile, a Wireless TTL mode and two two optical slave settings for multiple offset flash combinations.

The Nissin i40’s head rotates horizontally 180° from side to side and tilts up to 90° making it suitable for close up photography. It comes equipped with a built-in diffuser for 16mm lens coverage, plus a soft box for softening the harsh light and reducing shadows.

Arriving later this June for $269, the Nissin i40 needs four AA batteries to operate. Before then the Nissin i40 will be introduced and on display at the in the at the WPPI Expo in Las Vegas starting March 3rd. And in case you can’t see it there either, you can check out more images of the Nissin i40 after the jump.


Kevin Lee The Phoblographer Nissin i40 Product Images 2 of 3 Kevin Lee The Phoblographer Nissin i40 Product Images 3 of 3


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