How the Photography Industry Changed for Women Over the Last Decade

Photography has been a part of our world for over 150 years. Lead Photo by Kezi Ban

It began as most things did, available only to the privileged few, mostly where wealth and power were concerned. As such, it’s undeniable that the field has historically been male-dominated and slow to change with the times. While we’ve made many advancements as an industry, we have a long way to go, and yet, there seems to be a lot of resistance in acknowledging how and where things still need to shift. Given this, we decided to explore the changes made over the years with female photographers who have been in the industry for at least a decade. We spoke to them about how things were when they first started, what things disappeared over time, and what things are still present in our community and culture. While some shifts have definitely happened, through speaking with these five phenomenal photographers, certain sentiments were repeatedly echoed as issues we still face today.

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These Two Pro Photographers Share Their Tips on Posing Couples

All images by Vanessa Joy and Tracie Maglosky, used with permission.

One of the common challenges many portrait photographers will face at some point during their careers is how to best pose their subjects to capture them in their best light during a photoshoot. When photographing couples, things get more difficult because now you’ve got to worry about not one, but two subjects. We recently had the opportunity to speak with New Jersey-based wedding photographer Vanessa Joy as well as Cincinnati-based wedding and portrait photographer Tracie Maglosky, and these seasoned veterans generously shared some valuable insight into photographing and posing couples. Vanessa is perhaps best known for her wedding photography education work on top of being one of Profoto’s Legend of Light, and Tracie is one of Olympus’s Visionaries and a Profoto Legend of Light as well.

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A Musing on Silhouette Photography: The Balance of Light and Shadows

Silhouette photography is something everyone should try.

As a portrait/wedding photographer, I spend a great deal of time perfecting the balance of light and shadows in any given image. We see a scene with our eyes and while it may be beautiful visually, there are some things that each of our minds assume. While one person may imagine a less contrasted, more dreamy vision, another may see a bold, contrasted and colorful scene. This single fact is what makes a group of photographers photograph the exact same moment, person or situation and have surprisingly unique results.. It is our own selves that reflect back in the images we make and we could no more separate ourselves than the ocean could be separate from the water that fills it up. As an artist, I appreciate both and after years of practice I continue create both. Sometimes, I’ll go a while without using silhouettes in my work and each time that I come back to them I’m reminded of how powerful they can be.

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How I Learned to Connect the Technical and Artistic Parts of My Photographic Mind

All images by Tracie Maglosky. Used with permission.

When I was 25 years old, I was pregnant with my first child. I was the most excited I’d ever been in my lifetime because all I’d ever dreamed of being was a mother. The love I felt for this invisible being was more than my heart could hold and it would spill out all over anyone and everyone with whom I came into contact. I’d never felt more creative or inspired. At 26 weeks I was headed to my ultrasound appointment to have the results of our gender identification. It was then I learned that our sweet little dream had no heartbeat. I delivered our little baby with the most broken heart you could ever imagine and I have not one image to remember it by.

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The Secrets for Getting Out of Creative Slumps as a Photographer

Let’s face it: constantly innovating, creating new ideas and coming up with the next “most spectacular image” can be exhausting. We’re all looking for ways to carve out our own space in this giant world of photography without looking like we’re just trying to be different for the sake of being different. It usually happens right after a string of excessive creativity. The pendulum swings. You wake up ready to tackle the day and think up your next amazing idea and boom: your mind is a giant empty canvas…a blank screen with a blinking cursor.

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Portrait Photographer Tracie Maglosky on Using the New Olympus 25mm f1.2

All images by Tracie Maglosky. Used with permission.

One of the more exciting announcements to come out of Photokina is the arrival of the new Olympus 25mm f1.2 PRO lens. This surely is a lens that many have been waiting for for a long time and considering the design, it seems very worth it. Olympus went through the trouble of completely redesigning the lens to make only a single element move when it focuses. This ensures that the lens has fast focusing. Surely, you also get the light gathering benefits of f1.2 and weather sealing. With the Four Thirds crop, you’re getting the equivalent of f2.4 on a full frame camera–which means that there is no real reason to stop the lens down when shooting portraits or anything for that matter.

But to get more insight in to how the lens works, we talked to Olympus Visionary Tracie Maglosky about how she’s using it for her work.

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Tracie Maglosky: Planning an Underwater Maternity Photo Shoot

All images by Tracie Maglosky. Used with permission.

“As strange as this may sound, underwater photography is so amazingly meditative.” says photographer Tracie Maglosky about her underwater portrait photography. “Under the water there is very little sound and/or smells…since most creatives have peaked senses, eliminating a few is never a bad thing. It forces you to give all of your vision to the moment and distractions are minimized greatly.” Tracie is an Olympus Visionary who has been featured on the site before for this kind of work and her lighting style. Seriously though, who ever thought of doing an Underwater Maternity Photo Shoot?

Beneath the surface, Tracie feels incredibly liberated as an artist–further citing that she feels that anything is possible. She owes this in part of her ability to manipulate the surroundings to exactly how she sees and imagines them in her mind. To boot, her clients feel the same way.

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Tracie Maglosky’s Underwater Engagement Shoot Will Mesmerize You


All images by Tracie Maglosky. Used with permission.

Wedding and Portrait photographer Tracie Maglosky isn’t only one heck of a creative, but she’s also the first female Olympus Trailblazer. We’ve featured her work before on the site, but this time around she’s outdone herself. Via her Facebook page, she shared a photo from an underwater engagement shoot that she recently finished. The idea had been cooking up in her mind for a while, but the execution and creating the images in her unique vision were quite a challenge.

We talked to Tracie about how she did it.

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Creating the Photograph: Tracie Maglosky’s “Mother Nature”

Mother Nature

Creating the Photograph is an original series where we interview photographers about a photo that they shot and how it was achieved. The results are some knowledge passed on to you. Want to be featured? Email chrisgampat[at]thephoblographer[dot]com.

Tracie Maglosky is the first female Olympus Trailblazer; but beyond working with the company she is also a wedding and portrait photographer that hails from Cincinnati, Ohio. And for anyone that believes that only DSLRs can create great images that will please your clients at a wedding, Ms. Maglosky will surely prove you wrong. Tracie does what many true professional photographers do: work with ideas and creativity to give their clients the beautiful images that make their jaws drop. And that’s partially the concept behind the image above that was done for a maternity shoot.

Here’s Tracie’s story.

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