Photographer Boyd Hagen Writes a Love Letter to the Sony RX1R II

I never held a camera in my hand until my second year of college. After trying on four or five majors, none of which fit, I stumbled into journalism. Here I could use my natural curiosity to some advantage. Then, I discovered photojournalism, which was even better—my first drafts of stories were always OK, but I couldn’t learn to rewrite. Photojournalism, I realized, had no second drafts—you only got one chance to get it right.

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The 3 Best Compact Cameras for Travel Photography

If you’re thinking about traveling, these are the best compact cameras on the market.

There aren’t a whole lot of compact cameras out there. In fact, there are a lot more interchangeable lens options on the market. But a good compact camera is sometimes all you need. Think of it this way, these cameras are the same ones you’d buy but with a fixed lens attached. You’re not going to change the lens at all. And on most occasions, folks will be perfectly fine with that. So we paged through our reviews index to find the best compact cameras for travel photography. And these three are the only ones you’ll care about right now.

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Our Theory on Why the Sony RX1r III Could Face a Big Problem

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The Sony Rx1r II was a pretty decent camera. The idea is so simple; take a small camera, give it a solid lens, a good sensor, and an EVF, and people will buy it. Of course, it’s a luxury compact camera and the price reflects that. But I believe the Sony RX1r III will be even better if it hits the market. If Sony still cares about the product line, it’s being delayed for a very good reason.

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4 Great Point and Shoot Cameras with Wonderful Bokeh

With the right point and shoot camera, you can get that beautiful bokeh background blur.

Bokeh–it’s the thing that makes many of us fall in love with photography. Most of us think that you need the highest-end cameras with the best lenses and the biggest full-frame sensors to get it. But that’s plain wrong. Once you become skilled enough, you start to see the truth. You can get beautiful bokeh with point and shoots. The problem is that we don’t think about modern point and shoots for the great cameras that they are. So we’ve rounded up a bunch of cameras with wonderful bokeh. And we invite you to join us as we take a closer look at some of our favorites.

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Review: Ricoh GR II (One of the Best Compact Cameras We’ve Ever Tested)

The Ricoh GR II is and has been a hit with many photographers for a long time now. Based in part off of the classic Ricoh GR point and shoot film cameras that have forever been popular with street photographers, the Ricoh GR II brings modern updates to the previous camera. In many ways, this camera seems to simply ooze with quality. Much of it is an aesthetics based allure you won’t see with many other point and shoots out there. More than any others, this camera truly feels like a photographer’s compact and holds its own very well with the likes of the Sony RX1R II, Fujifilm X100F and the Leica Q.

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Which One? The Sony RX1r II vs Leica Q Comparison

If you wanted to go for a premium point and shoot camera of some sort, then the best of the best is easily awarded to the Sony RX1r II and the Leica Q. With their full frame sensors and fast aperture lenses, they’re bound to be appreciated by many photographers. Both of them have been out for a while now, and with the price differences not too far apart from one another you’re obviously curious about which one you should get. For some, the answer is clear: you prefer a higher megapixel sensor and the 35mm field of view. Others however want to go for the 28mm f1.7 lens and don’t want to fill their hard drives up.

We’ve reviewed both cameras, so here’s what we think.

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Review: Sony RX1r II

“Hey guys, this is Justin, Chris’s Kickstarter campaign manager. I wanted to write and say that if the Phoblographer has ever helped you with your photography, please consider donating to our Kickstarter for La Noir Image–now with both iOS and Android support!. Thank you, guys, you are the best.”

Arguably one of the best point and shoot cameras on the market, the Sony RX1R II is a camera with a full frame 35mm sensor and a 35mm f2 lens affixed to the front. For most photographers, that immediately sounds like a beautiful thing. Then consider the EVF, the fast autofocus, and lots of control on top of a really small size. It sounds even sweeter to most photographers then.

Indeed, the Sony RX1R II is a great camera on paper. In reality, it’s also a great camera. But at the same time, one of the biggest problems that a buyer may have with this camera is its ergonomics in real life use.

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