Photographer Boyd Hagen Writes a Love Letter to the Sony RX1R II

I never held a camera in my hand until my second year of college. After trying on four or five majors, none of which fit, I stumbled into journalism. Here I could use my natural curiosity to some advantage. Then, I discovered photojournalism, which was even better—my first drafts of stories were always OK, but I couldn’t learn to rewrite. Photojournalism, I realized, had no second drafts—you only got one chance to get it right.

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How Adam Smith Found Inspiration in the Panasonic FZ-20

My name is Adam Smith. Photography has been part of my life, as it has been for many others growing up. Film cameras came everywhere with us on family outings in our home state of Michigan and other states around the Great Lakes. At this point, photography was a means of keeping a record of memories—not an art form. I became seriously interested in photography in 2009 when I was gifted a Nikon P-90 for Christmas by my wife and mother-in-law. It replaced my Nikon L-4 (I purchased from my older brother) and transformed my view of what is possible with a camera. The Nikon L-4 was limiting. I took the Nikon P-90 everywhere with me. To the store, on walks and hikes, and to the skate park where I enjoyed afternoons on my BMX bike. I took so many pictures with it. The camera inspired confidence. It told my story. But my favorite camera is the Panasonic FZ-20.

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Sanjay Vijayanathan Found Something Special with His Panasonic GX8

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I’m an enthusiast, not a professional and I embrace that. My abilities with a camera are limited- not false modesty as there are things I’m good at – this just isn’t one of them. I’m completely fine with that though, the pleasure and peace holding a camera and taking a photograph gives me is reward enough. I’d always had film cameras as a kid, my dad had one and I used them for a while when I left home but I never learned to develop film and I stopped using them during the late 90s.

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Photographer Rick Corbishley Confesses His Love for the Fujifilm X100V

All images and words by Rick Corbishley for the My Favorite Camera series. Used with permission. His favorite camera is the Fujifilm X100v.

My favourite camera is the Fujifilm X100V. I bought it in February 2020 and have only used it twice, mainly because of the lockdown. Out of the 22 cameras in my possession, 14 of which are vintage, this is the one I would keep if I could only have one. I’ve had a few favourites over the years. My first was an Agfa ISO-Rapid 1 my brother bought me when he visited West Germany in 1968. That changed to a Rollei SL35M when my interest in photography really took hold; I had started work and had cash to spend. I loved that camera, it was a class act. I used it for several years until it broke and I got rid of it; after all, digital was coming. However, I still have strong feelings for it, and last year I purchased another copy to add to my collection of cameras I’ve owned over the years.

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Matt Germond Sold His Canon Gear and Now Loves the Fujifilm XT3

All images and words by Matt Germond for the My Favorite Camera series on his Fujifilm XT3. Used with permission.

My interest in photography goes back to my MBA program on a Global Study Program trip to Shanghai in May 2010. A classmate had a Canon Rebel t2i with a Canon 24-105mm F4 L lens. I was both jealous of the red ring on the lens and fascinated with the pics he was producing to document our class. When my fiancé heard of my fascination with the Canon, she secretly bought me one as a wedding gift. And I brought my brand new Canon Rebel t2i and kit 17-55mm lens on our honeymoon to Kauai that August. Using the camera in full auto mode, I was instantly hooked and brought the camera with me everywhere. I was also lucky enough to have my parents gift me an 18-200mm Canon zoom lens. After about a year, I went to Adorama to trade in my Rebel and two lenses and upgraded to a Canon 6D and 24-105mm F4 L.

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Douglas Fry’s Love Story About the Leica M10 and a 50mm

All images and words by Douglas Fry for the My Favorite Camera series. Used with permission. His favorite camera is the Leica M10.

There is a photograph of me holding an old TLR camera and pointing it at my father aged about 5 at home in Dorset, UK. I don’t recall that pivotal moment, but photography certainly stuck with me. My Uncle Peter was a professional photographer in Australia nearly all his life and often set off into the Outback for months at a time. His specialty was the wildlife and flora of the region and photo libraries both in Australia and around the world represented him. He always sent me his favorite photographs, which I still have. I was fascinated by his lifestyle and freedom, and his photographs were exceptional.

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