Street Photographer Jonathan Bernheimer Puts Color in the Spotlight

All images by Jonathan Bernheimer. Used with permission.

“For example, a well-placed light pole that creates an interesting shadow can be really valuable,” explains street photographer Jonathan Bernheimer. “And I don’t think there is any harm to include the light pole in the photo.” I remember days where I’d sit with street photography collectives who complained about little things like this. They didn’t focus enough on the moments. And quite honestly, the work of Jonathan Bernheimer doesn’t either. But his use of colors are entrancing. You can stare at his images all day and be lead around the scenes. Jonathan credits it to the specific type of light that he’s looking for. And he explains all about it and being a minority amongst people of color in our interview.

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Kickstarter Project aims to Publish Photobook Addressing Police Brutality in the US

Images by Alanna Styer via No Officers Were Injured in This Incident on Kickstarter

Photography today has become a tool for anyone to tell their compelling stories through moments captured in time or snapshots of the aftermath. Photojournalism and documentary photography, in fact, are among the popular pursuits of photographers today. One of these is Tennessee-based Alanna Styer, who aims to get Kickstarter funding for her photo book which addresses the issue of police brutality in the United States.

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