Kickstarter Project aims to Publish Photobook Addressing Police Brutality in the US

Images by Alanna Styer via No Officers Were Injured in This Incident on Kickstarter

Photography today has become a tool for anyone to tell their compelling stories through moments captured in time or snapshots of the aftermath. Photojournalism and documentary photography, in fact, are among the popular pursuits of photographers today. One of these is Tennessee-based Alanna Styer, who aims to get Kickstarter funding for her photo book which addresses the issue of police brutality in the United States.

Alanna’s photo book project, entitled No Officers Were Injured in This Incident, actually began about two years ago as a photo series for her undergraduate thesis. Over the course of a year, she traveled across America to document a total of 54 sites where law enforcement officers killed people of color. At the same time, she also started collecting accounts detailing encounters with police officers. She was able to start getting the message across with a previous version on the book put on display through a gallery show called Where it Happened. However, she now wants to reach more people through this Kickstarter campaign and encourage them to take action.

“It is now my goal to print and distribute this book, so its message can reach a wider group of people. The audience of a book is limitless; it can be viewed in a group, read allowed, and passed on to others.”

This new version of No Officers Were Injured in This Incident will include all 54 photographs of the documented sites. Each image will be accompanied by a ledger listing the name of the victim, location, and the date and time of the incident. The book will also feature some narratives about racial prejudice and encounters with law enforcement to give insight into experiences between police officers and people of color in America.

There’s still a long way to go at six days left for Alanna’s project. If you’re interested in helping her get the word out about her cause, check out the Kickstarter campaign for her photo book and pledge your support.