The New Paul C. Buff Link 800WS Flash Has TTL for Under $1,000

The new updated Link 800WS flash has been a long time coming, but the wait is worth it.

If you’re a fan of lights from Paul C. Buff, you’re going to love this news. Today, the company announced that the long-awaited 800WS link flash will be hitting store shelves this spring and that it has all of the bells and whistles modern photographers need to produce impressive images. Join us after the break for all of the details, including specs and pricing info.

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The New Paul C Buff Cybersense Flash Remote is Only $79.95

Yup, the brand new Paul C Buff Cybersense remote may be all you need.

It’s fairly rare that we hear announcements from Paul C Buff, but the new Paul C Buff Cybersense remote is designed to be an affordable way to control a number of flashes, receivers and lights from the manufacturer. The maker of Alienbees, White Lightning and Einstein lights says the new Cybersense isn’t larger than a smartphone.

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Paul C Buff Announces The New Vagabond Lithium Extreme


It’s been a while since Paul C Buff announced anything really new or cool; but yesterday the company announced the brand new Vagabond Lithium Extreme battery back. Now, the photo above is actually the Vagabond Mini because the company hasn’t shown off what it looks like yet. The new battery pack will boast a 400W power source; and the company is saying that it can recycle “considerably faster” than the 25lb Profoto Batpack, 11lb Innovatronix Mini, Elinchrom Quadra Ranger and others. As for actual specs, they’re saying that it cycles 640WS in 2 seconds, 1280WS in 4 seconds, 1920WS in 6 seconds, 2560WS in 8 seconds, and 3200WS in 10 seconds, as well as most 1200 to 2400WS power pack systems in 4 to 8 seconds. It employs a very sturdy metal light stand clamp for up to 1-1/2″ poles, and a 2A USB port capable of charging smart phones and tablets.

But here’s the crazier part: they’re saying that it can operate a 4-5 light system.

Like the previous Vagabonds, they’re highly recommending that you turn the modelling light on your strobe off when using it–which is unlike the Profoto B1 and others.

When it launches in April, it’ll retail for $399.99. As a former Vagabond Mini and Vagabond user, I really hope that they fixed the burn out rate.

Review: Paul C Buff Einstein E640 and Vagabond Mini Battery Pack

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Paul C Buff Einstein E640 monolight (1 of 10)ISO 2001-50 sec at f - 2.8

I’ve been an owner of the Einstein E640 for a while; which made me in turn purchase the Vagabond Mini battery pack for it followed by the Umbrella Reflector. The Einstein is used by many very famous photographers and is noted for its super fast flash duration, color consistency, rapid firing abilities, and just how powerful it is for the price. When used with the Vagabond Mini and Paul C Buff’s own Cybersync radio controllers, it can be really quite the killer light combo.


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The Canon Photographer’s Guide To Upgrading Your Equipment – Part III: Flashes and Lights

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Polaroid PL160D first impressions product photos (1 of 12)ISO 200

Flashes and lighting are one the biggest and most critical parts of upgrading your camera system in order to expand your creativity. Once you start using them, it’s simple to get hooked. One of the biggest arguments against using a flash was that high ISO results are just so good now. The problem with that statement is that a flash will still give you the light where you need it; therefore adding creativity to your image. If there is no light to begin with, why raise the ISO level?

As a Canon system owner for years who now just concentrates on lenses and flashes, I can tell you from experience how to upgrade.

Be sure to check out Part 1 (Lenses) and Part 2 (Bodies).

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Paul C Buff Releases Notice on the Vagabond Mini Battery Pack (Like, Don’t Use It Around Water)



I’m an owner of the Vagabond Mini battery pack for my Einstein E640 monolight; and I love the little thing. Recently during Hurricane Sandy, it was able to charge things like phones and other products for my roommate and I. But today, the company has issues a notice about their little Lithium Battery Pack; like not to use the damned thing around water in the first place. The full notice is after the jump.


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Review: Impact 60 Inch Convertible Umbrella

Impact is a brand that is relatively new to the photo industry, but has created some very interesting products since its inception. One of which, the Impact LiteTrek, is used by many photographers such as Kevin Kabuto. In fact, I did an entire shoot with one as well. When the company offered me a chance to test out its 60 inch convertible umbrella, I was a bit intrigued. Convertible Umbrellas are unique in that they offer all the functionality of a normal umbrella with reflective properties, but they can be converted into a shoot through umbrella with direct diffusion properties similar to a softbox as well. As with all light sources, larger units give off softer light in relation to the size of the subject.

And the 60 Inch Convertible Umbrella from Impact did not disappoint and has perhaps become my favorite light modifier to date.

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New York Comic Con 2012 Is Happening: Photos Using the Olmypus OMD EM5, Paul C Buff Einstein E640, and PocketWizard Plus III Triggers

I’ve just returned from California after an extremely awesome trip, thanks to Sony. But there was and still is no rest for the weary. This is just a quick update to let people know that Comic Con 2012 is happening right now in NYC. Yesterday, I used to the Olympus OMD EM5, Voigtlander 17.5mm f0.95, PocketWizard Plus III triggers, and the Paul C Buff Einstein E640. In my opinion, the kit was excellent. The only major issues I had was that I forgot to turn off the IR triggering mode so that whenever someone else’s flash went off, mine would too. But eventually, I looked at the manual and figured it out. The color output from the Einstein is super consistent and all the images were shot bare bulb or bounced off of a ceiling of some sort. Accounting for the fact that the Javitz Center has 45 foot high ceilings, I was amazed at how just how much power the light could output. The Voigtlander was a bit tough to focus sometimes so what I often did was opened the lens up and then stopped it down; otherwise it created a super dark viewfinder.

And the results so far? Well, you tell me. A full report is yet to come, so stay tuned.

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Review: AlienBees B800 Flash Unit

A profile view of the AlienBees 800 flash unit


So you’ve decided you want to take the next step and upgrade to some nice studio strobes to take your photography to the next level. There are some great options out there: Profoto, Broncolor, etc.

Wait, what do you mean you don’t have $4000 for a pack and two heads?

Enter Paul C. Buff’s line of Alien Bee flashes, which have long enjoyed cult status among enthusiasts and professionals alike for their insane price-to-performance ratio. Their mid-level offering is the B800 which at a price point of $279.95 delivers a max 320 watt/seconds of light. That is fully sufficient for most basic product shots or indoor portraits. Note: These can only be bought straight from the manufacturer.

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