The New Paul C. Buff Link 800WS Flash Has TTL for Under $1,000

The new updated Link 800WS flash has been a long time coming, but the wait is worth it.

If you’re a fan of lights from Paul C. Buff, you’re going to love this news. Today, the company announced that the long-awaited 800WS link flash will be hitting store shelves this spring and that it has all of the bells and whistles modern photographers need to produce impressive images. Join us after the break for all of the details, including specs and pricing info.

The Link 800WS flash from Paul C. Buff is a battery and AC powered monolight that should help make your life much easier either in a studio setting or while out in the field. Battery-powered monolights have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and they are all competitively priced: the Link 800WS is no exception to this rule.

LINK 800WS Flash

According to Paul C. Buff, the Link 800WS flash is a combination of the company’s favorite features from their previous lights. The ultra-bright, daylight-balanced LED modeling light is similar to that of the DigiBee with even more power coming in at 800WS, and all-metal housing like the White Lightning X-series and a detachable battery make the LINK perfect for photographing on location.

As you would expect from a modern, rechargeable monolight, the Link 800WS flash is capable of HSS, and of course, TTL. The daylight-balanced, bright modeling lamp makes it ideal for photographers who want to see what they’re getting before they hit the shutter and for videographers too.

With a full charge, users can expect to get 250 full power shots, which is quite impressive for an 800WS light. There will also be a new HUB remote, which will initially be available for both Canon and Nikon cameras. Paul C. Buff’s Marketing and Communications Manager, Anthony Romano, told us Sony support will be coming soon and that Fujifilm and Panasonic compatibility is being worked on. Here are some more specs:

  • 9 f-stop power variability (3.1 Ws to 800 Ws)
  • Adjustable in precise 1/10 f-stops
  • All-digital control from the LCD display
  • Global plug-and-play from 100 to 240 VAC
  • Available Modes: ACTION, COLOR, HSS (up to 1/8000 sec.), TTL
  • Action stopping flash durations as short as 1/15400 sec. (t.1)
  • Color consistency +/- 100K at any power
  • Bright, adjustable 800W Equivalent Daylight-Balanced LED Modeling Lamp
  • Rubber diffusion dome cover
  • Audible and visual recycle indicators
  • Built-in battery connection
LINK 800WS Flash

In addition to the new Link 800WS flash and HUB remote, there will also be a new app that can be used to control the flash from your phone. The app is called The Buff App, and it will be a new part of the Paul C. Buff CyberSync remotes. The app will be available on both iOS phones and tablets and Android-powered devices as well.

LINK 800WS Flash

The new Paul. C Buff Link 800WS flash will be available this Spring with a retail price of $895.95. That price includes just the flash. There will also be a package that comes with the Link 800WS flash, a battery, the charger, and the HUB remote for $1,199.95. If you would like more information about the new flash from Paul C. Buff, you can head on over to their official website.

Brett Day

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