Review: Sony 50mm f1.8 (Sony E Mount, Full Frame)

Sony’s 50mm f1.8 for the full frame E mount cameras is one of the lenses that photographers waited for for a while. When it was launched, it made everyone ecstatic. The system finally had its nifty 50 and would make loads of photographers very happy. As the first lens full frame 50mm lens designed for mirrorless cameras with autofocus, it’s bound to be exciting.

So how is it? If you’re a Sony user, you’ll probably want to get one.

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Review: Canon 50mm f1.8 STM (Canon EF)

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Canon 50mm f1.8 STM lens review product images (2 of 2)ISO 4001-125 sec at f - 4.0

Of all the cheap 50mm lenses made, Canon’s nifty 50 has always reigned supreme as the niftiest thanks to both image quality and affordability. Very recently, however, the company chose to update its formula for the lens. The Canon 50mm f1.8 STM is a lens that, like its predecessors, is still priced rather affordably and also performs very well for the price point. In every single way, this lens is a step up and improvement from the previous version and with that in mind, it will surely serve a new generation of budding photographers very well.

But it’s not totally perfect.

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Nikon’s New 58mm f1.4 Lens is a Nifty 50 With a Bit More Reach

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Nikon D5300 and 58mm f1.4 lens photos (6 of 6)

Of all the focal lengths, this latest one has us scratching our heads just a bit. Today, Nikon is announcing a 58mm f1.4 FX lens. The release is apparently to pay homage to the 58mm f1.2 Nikkor prime from years ago. This new lens features 9 aperture blades for super creamy bokeh, 9 elements in 6 groups, two aspherical elements, a 72mm filter thread, and comes with a bayonet hood and soft pouch.

This lens has similarities with other companies’ offerings recently. Zeiss and Sony have both put out two 55mm lenses and this one is just a tad longer. Maybe the nifty 50 might be going the way of the dinosaur?

If you’re looking to spring for the lens, you’ll need to fork over $1,699.99. Full spec list is after the jump.

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Three Lenses Every Beginning Canon DSLR User Needs


So now you’re a Canon DSLR owner. Congrats; you’ve made a great decision by joining up with one of the most comprehensive and well supported camera systems out there. Not only will get you some truly spectacular image quality, but you’ll also be rewarded with loads of great features to make image taking an even better experience.

But now that you’re a DSLR owner: know that your image quality mostly comes from your lenses. In fact, your lenses can indeed be more important than your camera. And with that in mind, consider these favorites of ours.

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Your Canon Nifty 50 Lens May Be Tougher Than You Think


Canon’s 50mm f1.8 II is one of their most inexpensive lenses that many also consider to be a serious bang for the buck. But one of the biggest complaints about it is that the lens is cheaply constructed. Indeed, I’ve had them fall apart in my own hands. And despite how cheaply constructed the lens is, photographer Richard Choi decided to put his not working copy to a torture test.

The video after the jump isn’t for the person that loves their 50 way too much. The 50mm f1.8 II can be purchased from Amazon, B&H Photo, or Adorama. Be sure to check out our long term review.

Is this a thing now? Are we all going to try to wreck our gear for some hits on YouTube?

Via Canon Watch

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Long Term Review: Canon 50mm F1.8 (Nifty Fifty)

As the favorite lens of many growing, hobbyist and new photographers the Canon 50mm F/1.8 is the best bang for your buck lens out on the market. Capable of delivering super sharp images and small enough to forever stay coupled to your camera, the nifty 50 is a lens that receives rave after rave. This review will chronicle my long term use of the lens followed by why I finally sold mine and why I’m contemplating buying another one.

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