Expert Tips for Newborn Photography

Newborn photography has the power to capture these little bundles of joy and their true, natural beauty. One way to do this is by using a photo backdrop. A backdrop is anything behind the subject of a photograph that sets the mood or tone for the subject. A newborn photography backdrop is an excellent addition to a newborn photographer’s equipment. This article will discuss some tips on newborn photography and choosing a backdrop.

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6 Photographers Show us Their Beautiful, Heartwarming Photography

Some photographers aim to challenge societal views. Others like to make bold statements with their images. Not all photography is pretty, and not all of it will make you feel good. There’s an important space for the type of work. But we’re not visiting that space today. Instead, we’re here for the feel-good and the heartwarming photography. The six photographers below will give us everything we need to wear a smile on our faces.

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9 Questions Every Female Photographer Has Encountered in Her Career

What does it take to reach the level where you are respected and knowledgeable as a photographer?

Unfortunately, that question is dependent upon a lot variables; one of the biggest contenders being that of gender. While all artists suffer from inevitable imposter syndrome, women in the industry are much more alienated and separated from feelings of success than their male counterparts. Why, you might ask? In addition to the pitfalls and hurdles that externally face all photographers, women face an additional internal one – their male counterparts. Time and time again, I’ve encountered the same barrage of bullish questions laced with judgment and a lack of acceptance. Here are some of the most common questions thrown a woman’s way that consistently compromise and undermine our professionalism and sense of belonging within the industry.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Newborn Photography Guide

Get started with capturing beautiful moments with this handy newborn photography cheat sheet by Adorama.

Want to start capturing your little one’s first milestones? Maybe you’re thinking of getting into the newborn photography business? There’s more to it than random snapshots, and today’s photography cheat sheet will be of great help to you. Learn how to prepare for a newborn shoot and what to keep in mind for the shoot itself to make sure you get beautiful photos.

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Creative and Heartwarming Newborn Portraits by Amanda Steinbacher

All photos by Amanda Steinbacher. Used with permission.

Within the realm of portrait photography are sub-genres that we turn to as keepers of our memories and milestones. Among these is newborn and milestone photography, which immortalizes the joy of birth and childhood. In the photos she recently shared with us, Pennsylvania-based photographer Amanda Steinbacher shows us how powerful this type of photography can be in documenting the precious memories newborns and children bring to a family.

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