Photography Cheat Sheet: Newborn Photography Guide

Get started with capturing beautiful moments with this handy newborn photography cheat sheet by Adorama.

Want to start capturing your little one’s first milestones? Maybe you’re thinking of getting into the newborn photography business? There’s more to it than random snapshots, and today’s photography cheat sheet will be of great help to you. Learn how to prepare for a newborn shoot and what to keep in mind for the shoot itself to make sure you get beautiful photos.

The newborn photography cheat sheet below was put together by Adorama in collaboration with Pish Posh Baby for those who are just getting into the craft. The quick guide covers everything you need to know before, during, and after the shoot. There are also some great tips for parents and photographers on how to keep babies safe and comfortable throughout the shoot. Remember, safety is paramount!

Remind the parents that their baby should be well-fed and have a clean diaper on before the shoot. They should also be ready for feeding breaks and possibly nappy changes during the session. Discuss the styling and wardrobe for the baby as well. Simple is best! Ask them to prepare wraps, blankets, and simple hats or headbands in muted colors and simple textures. Avoid overly elaborate setups and costumes: keep in mind that the baby is the star of the show.

When setting up the shoot, make sure you’re posing the baby in a safe and sturdy spot. Only use props that you’re sure are clean and sterile.  Keep cloth diapers and wet wipes ready for quick clean-ups. The room should be warm — very warm to an adult or around 85 F (or about 29 C) — so the baby is comfortable being undressed and stays sleepy. This will also make sure he or she will let you pose arms and legs how you like. Don’t forget to get those precious detail shots as well! Natural light is best for newborn photography: pick a spot next to big windows that let in plenty of light.

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Cover photo by Amanda Steinbacher