Kosmo Foto Launches Popular Kosmo Foto Mono in the Flavor of 120 Film

Kosmo Foto Mono 120

This launch of Kosmo Foto Mono 120 will no doubt please users of Medium Format film cameras to no end.

Following the successful launch of Kosmo Foto Mono 35mm film back in 2017, Medium Format users have been hoping that the emulsion would one day make its way to their platform. If you’re one of those people who have been wishing for it, you’ll be pleased to hear that Kosmo Foto have just announced that the Kosmo Foto Mono 120 version of this popular film will indeed to making its way to the world of Medium Format cameras. For more details join us after the break. Continue reading…

Film Emulsion Review: KOSMO Foto Mono (35mm Emulsion)

KOSMO Foto Mono has to be one of those weird black and white films that I’m probably not understanding.

The film renaissance has given us a number of fantastic new film emulsions that we should all be supporting in some way or another, and for the sake of KOSMO Foto Mono I genuinely hope that everyone and their mother finds out about it. I’ve shot a number of photos with KOSMO Foto Mono loaded into my Hexar AF that I’m completely over the moon about. When it was first announced, there were photographers on the web coming out with pitchforks and stating that it was just a rebranded Fomapan film. Indeed, it is a new film stock produced by Fomapan and Stephen Dowling, the man behind KOSMO Foto Mono, says that this is only the start of what he’s going to be doing.

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Is Kosmo Foto Mono Film Just Rebranded Foma Film?

Kosmo Foto Mono seems to be causing some confusion with folks.

Remember Kosmo Foto Mono film? They rebrand from Zorki Photo to Kosmo Foto–and so too did the film they were producing. When this new film company came to life, we reported on it and the internet cheered. But it seems as if they are somehow or another causing some controversy on the web. Admittedly, they’re a curious company producing a film in a world where film seems to be making a comeback in some ways.

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UPDATE: Kosmo Foto Mono 100 35mm Film Seems Oddly Similar to Zorki Photo Mono 100

Editor’s Note; Stephen, the creator, got in touch with us. This is the same exact film as Zorki Photo and it is now being called Kosmo Foto Mono. All people who originally pre-ordered the film under the Zorki moniker will have their pre-orders fulfilled under the Kosmo Foto Mono moniker.

Very recently, Kosmo Foto Mono 100 film was announced. This film is a 100 ISO 35mm black and white film emulsion being released this October. The film and packaging itself look oddly similar to something else announced earlier this year: Zorki Photo Mono Which we’ve now found out is the same thing. In fact, they’re pretty much interchangeable with the exception of some wording. Odd, right? It’s almost as if a single company is licensing out their emulsion to make a whole lot of money–oh wait that’s exactly what’s happening!

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