UPDATE: Kosmo Foto Mono 100 35mm Film Seems Oddly Similar to Zorki Photo Mono 100

Editor’s Note; Stephen, the creator, got in touch with us. This is the same exact film as Zorki Photo and it is now being called Kosmo Foto Mono. All people who originally pre-ordered the film under the Zorki moniker will have their pre-orders fulfilled under the Kosmo Foto Mono moniker.

Very recently, Kosmo Foto Mono 100 film was announced. This film is a 100 ISO 35mm black and white film emulsion being released this October. The film and packaging itself look oddly similar to something else announced earlier this year: Zorki Photo Mono Which we’ve now found out is the same thing. In fact, they’re pretty much interchangeable with the exception of some wording. Odd, right? It’s almost as if a single company is licensing out their emulsion to make a whole lot of money–oh wait that’s exactly what’s happening!

This is what Kosmo Foto Mono used to be.

Hey, if it means that there is more film on the market, then more power to the “secret manufacturer” who is making this film for other companies. What I’m shocked at though is that a company like Lomography hasn’t apparently jumped on something like this. Lomo Foto Mono just seems to roll off the tongue nicely and there’s no possible way in hell they can market it as being cross processed at all.

Here are the details about Kosmo Foto Mono:

Kosmo Foto Mono is a 100-ISO panchromatic black-and-white film, perfect for all 35mm cameras.

The film is an existing emulsion made by a European film producer. It is new stock produced in 2017.

Kosmo Foto Mono can be used on sunny days, overcast conditions or indoors with studio lighting, flash or natural light.

The film is a traditional black-and-white chemistry that can be developed with formulations such as Perceptol, Tetenal and Rodinal.

Please note – this film can not be developed by minilabs that only run C41 processing.

Kosmo Foto Mono can be pull-processed to ISO 50 or push-processed to ISO 400 with corresponding changes in development time.

Check out the details of Kosmo Foto Mono over on their website. And be sure to get your pre-order in.

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