Canon Could Win the Mirrorless Full Frame Camera Wars by Listening

If Canon starts listening to what the faithful want they could begin to win the fight against Sony in the Full Frame Camera wars.

Just a few short years ago there was a major shift in the camera marketplace. DSLR’s were being replaced at a rapid pace; Mirrorless technology was becoming cheaper and easier manufacture. But it wasn’t Canon leading the charge. After years of being at the top of the pack, out of nowhere, Sony came and pulled the rug out from under Canon’s tripods, and Canon has been playing catch up ever since. Just what will it take for Canon to be able to climb back to the top of the camera world? Continue reading…

Hints of a Leica 35mm Noctilux Lens Spill Onto the Web

We might be treated to some new Leica cameras and lenses in the very near future; including a Leica 35mm Noctilux lens.

If you’re a fan of all things Leica you’re going to like this news. During LHSA (Leica Historical Society of America) meetings that were held late last year, current Leica employees and product managers hinted around that the company road map is littered with new cameras, lenses, and initiatives that could all be released and rolled out in the near future. One of the coolest things is the addition of a hybrid viewfinder Leica M camera that sounds similar to how the Fujifilm X Pro series of cameras works. But perhaps the most exciting thing is the addition of a Leica 35mm Noctilux lens.

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Leica CCD-Gate Woes Continue Even To This Day

Leica is showing that their customer service falls way behind their luxury pricetag.

You would not be thought down on if you had forgotten about Leica’s CCD-Gate problem with their M9 family of cameras and the CCD sensors that are housed within them. It has been a long time since all of that business went down, but if you happen to be an M9 owner the issue never truly went away. Earlier this year Leica announced that after August 15th, 2017 the free CCD replacement program the company implemented to mitigate the problem would end for cameras purchased more than 5 years ago.

But now stories are coming out that do not bode well for Leica owners who may have sent their cameras in to try and get the free CCD replacement before that deadline. Continue reading…

7 Tips To Make Your Photography Clients Happy

Happy Client 20130929Gservo-0009

As working photographers, we want to see repeat customers. We want them to tell everyone they know that we did a good job, not just with the photo, but with interpersonal skills as well. With great images and a great personality comes great recommendations. When you are a working photographer, creating an image is just a part of the process.

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Adobe’s Servers Got Hacked, And Your Data is At Risk…Sort Of


We’re very positive right now that there are a bunch of creatives and companies that aren’t very happy with Adobe right now. According to FStoppers, the company stated that their servers for Creative Cloud were hacked. However, in a Customer Service Security Announcement, Adobe stated that data was encrypted, so credit card info and other personal securities may still not really be compromised. TechCruch is saying that as many as 2.9 Million people may be at risk though.

These hackers were able to also access the source code for a couple of products–perhaps in an attempt to mimic the software for free.

Adobe is stating that they’re working with the authorities on this matter.

Fine Art Photographer Jess T. Dugan’s Camera Bags End Up Empty After TSA/JetBlue Inspection

Photo by Chris Gampat

Photo by Chris Gampat

It’s one of every photographer’s nightmares: finding that all your gear is suddenly gone. Unfortunately, it seems that the TSA/JetBlue may have given themselves some early Christmas gifts–or at least that’s what Fine Art Photographer Jess T Dugan claims according to his blog post.

The story is really quite thrilling and in a nutshell, Dugan checked in her camera bag (something we all dread doing) and it came back empty once she got off the plane. Jess has insurance (as do I, and I personally recommend State Farm) but she’s only insured for a certain amount of the gear. She sent their customer service an email and also CC’d a bunch of the big wigs over at Jet Blue about it. The kicker is where they respond, “We certainly do not allow or promote any type of disrespect toward our customers’ belongings.” and continue to say that if she has evidence, it should be reported to the police. JetBlue also very nicely seems to say that they don’t care.

Personally, I’ve yelled at many TSA agents about manhandling my gear. But this just seems like gross disrespect; and I hope those thieves pay for holding up an artist’s work progression like this.

Via Reddit/r/photography