7 Tips To Make Your Photography Clients Happy

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As working photographers, we want to see repeat customers. We want them to tell everyone they know that we did a good job, not just with the photo, but with interpersonal skills as well. With great images and a great personality comes great recommendations. When you are a working photographer, creating an image is just a part of the process.

Engage Your Client

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You have to be happy about your work. If you’re impatient during the shoot, won’t have repeat business. You basically have to have fun. Your energy has to be up, and you have to communicate with your client to let them know you care about your work. One of the most important things is to know your client’s full name. Know as much about them as possible without being creepy–instead approach it with genuine curiosity. Warm welcomes prepare clients for great photography sessions every time.

Be on Time

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Don’t make your client wait for you. Ever. If your shoot is at 9 am, be there and ready to shoot by 8:55 am. Your client does not want to see you set up and prep. The fact of the matter is the client expects you to be ready with a smile and a good morning, not a frantic rush to get up and running. Have a good frame of mind, and you’ll get some good frames.

Deliver Your Photos on Time

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You also need to deliver the photos in a timely manner, and this absolutely key. It does take time to process photos, so give your client a reasonable expectation of delivery. If you think it’s going to take days to deliver photos, tell them so. You either look great for delivering the photos early or if something comes up, you have a little extra time to work with.

Choose your Attitude

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The attitude you bring to the photography session is the attitude your client will tell people about. You will find that when your attitude is positive, it’s easier to pull the expressions out of your clients faces. Photography is not just technical, it can be psychological as well. A photographer has to be accountable for their attitude to make a session successful.

Try to Over Deliver, Slightly

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Don’t just give them what they asked for, give your client one or two shots more. Something for their social media pages or to quickly share amongst friends. Clients are always happy when they get a bit more. A photographer can plan for this. It can be a secret menu deal. If the client has extra time, offer to do a special shot with a special lens of yours. Anything that makes the client feel they are getting an extra bang for their buck.

Confidence is Key

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Having the client believe in your work is key. If you are not confident, your client definitely won’t be. You have to be completely aware about your environment, the use of your gear, and how to pose your subjects. Your client will follow your direction completely if they believe you know what you are doing.

Keep calm and carry on


Stuff happens. Not every day will go well. It’s a fact. How you deal with it can either earn you a repeat client or lose a potential one. As a photographer, gear drops and wires break. A photographer has to remain calm when things go bad. A client will remember this because at the end of the day, they came to get images created. A photographer has to come through no matter what.

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