Weekend Humor: Tall Consumers Form “The Cameras Are Too Damn Small” Group

Image courtesy of David Shankbone.

Image courtesy of David Shankbone.

Weekend Humor isn’t meant to be taken seriously. So don’t, ya rube.

Citing a trend towards the smallest possible form factor for cameras, several consumers banded together to form “The cameras are too damn small” group. Jimmy McMillan’s “The rent is too damn high party” served as the backbone for TCATDS. Their mission is simple: to bring cameras back to a usable size. They’ve been working on an extensive ad campaign to persuade camera manufacturers to abandon unnecessarily small form factors.

It all began when Dan Matthews received a gift from his fiancee. It was a very small interchangeable lens camera whose manufacturer we will not name, lest we should trip some alarm. He said the gesture was “sweet” and that “she shouldn’t have.” What he thought was, “What am I supposed to do with a model camera?” When his fiancee saw that he wasn’t taking any photos with it, she told him it’s functioning camera.

Matthews held up the camera to the light, and turned it over in his hands. He marveled at how small it was. How could a thing of relatively minute magnitude possibly take a photograph? He reasoned internally that maybe his fiancee forget his 6′ 7″, and that he could easily palm a basketball. Matthews found the could hold the camera between his index and middle fingers as easily a man of average height holds a cigar. It was just that small.

Matthews took to the forums to see if there were others who shared his discontents. What he found was a massive community of angry giants whose fiancees bought them cute cameras.

The main community was called Mega Men – Small Shooters. Matthews was the first to suggest that they form a consumer group. Under the guise of gigantor76, he wrote, “We…we must do something!” What followed was a lengthy discourse on the inherent faults of tiny cameras, and his post was met with critical acclaim.

“The cameras are too damn small” group formed shortly thereafter, and they petitioned the same company who made the camera Matthews’ fiancee bought him. They received a one-sentence response.

“We make bigger cameras, you know.”

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