This Very Rare $29,995 Leica M6 was Special Ordered by a Royal Family

The Leica M6 Sultan of Brunei edition had only 350 made.

Right next to his Rolex watch collection, I could totally see rapper Post Malone owning this rare Leica M6. Currently going for $29.995 on eBay, this isn’t your run of the mill Titanium edition. It’s known as the Leica M6 Sultan of Brunei edition. Obviously, that means that it was ordered by a royal family. Ordered in 1992, according to the seller, the cameras are nearly 30 years old and vintage. Some of them are on the market but are very hard to come by. As if the Leica M6 didn’t have enough lust, this special edition boasts some very exotic features.

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Tutorial Video: How Custom White Balance Makes Editing Much Better Than Auto

Custom white balance will speed up your workflow so much more.

If you’re a photographer who shoots in auto white balance, stop. Can you fix it in post? Yes. Will it really, truly help you? No, not really. I’ve been very much of the opinion and idea that photographers should go into shooting with a creative vision of some sort to help them create images that are more unique to them, and a customized white balance is only the start of this. It’s bound to help you create images that someone else shooting the exact same thing most likely won’t get. Of course, you’re starting with the content, but why not go further?

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Setting Your Own Camera Defaults In Lightroom Is Easy As Pie

With as much time we are all spending in front of Lightroom as photographers, I think it is safe to say we are all looking for ways to help processing go faster without sacrificing quality. This is one reason why creating your own presets is so helpful, it allows you to quickly and easily get the look and feel you are going for on a series of images with just a few clicks and tweaks. Continue reading…