The Creative Black and White Double Exposures of Robin Vandenabeele

double exposures - bruges 012

All images by Robin Vandenabeele. Used with permission.

Double exposures take not only lots of technical know-how, but an incredible amount of creative vision to accomplish correctly and to the point where they captivate a viewer. So when Robin Vandenabeele showed us his take on the method, we were simply amazed. Robin has been shooting for the past 15 years with an old Practice MTL5 until moving over to a Pentax Mz-5 SLR camera.

“I love film for it’s grain and I love slide film especially for cross processing, the results of which never cease to amaze me.” says Robin. While cross processing seems to put off lots of other photographers, it’s much different when done with the right processing after that. Robin shoots all his double exposures in the camera, then he cross processes, scans, converts to black and white and then adjusts the exposure and levels.

“I love experimenting and messing things up, just to see a surprising result.”

We talkd to Robin more about Double exposures.

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Review: Lomography X Pro Sunset Strip 35mm 100 Slide Film

Lomography released an extremely exciting and interesting photographic film not along ago: X Pro Sunset Strip 35mm. When it was first announced, we thought it was a bit of an odd duck. From the image samples we had seen, it looks like the film had been designed to be cross processed. Indeed, when I went to go get it developed I learned that it indeed was. When one processes the film with normal C41 methods, it looks extremely cross processed. But when E6 is done, it looks very normal. In fact, the results are really beautiful providing you’re using a camera with a light meter and full manual control.


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Field Review: Olympus E-5 (Day 4)

So far in the review we’ve found out that the Olympus E-5 is a tough cookie from Day 3, that the raw image files are very versatile, and we’re beyond the first impressions. But the E-5 has a much sexier side to it. There are art filters built into the camera. The chart above can be clicked on (and shared) to show off the effects on one image. This will literally be nothing else but a huge image dump with other samples from each filter.

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