M4/3 Rules in Japan, Now OM Digital Solutions Needs to Crack the West

OM Digital Solutions and Panasonic need to crack markets in Europe and the US with their M4/3 cameras.

We have always known that M4/3 cameras from Olympus (now OM Digital Solutions) and Panasonic have been hot sellers in their homeland. But, we didn’t know the M4/3 mount was popular enough to take the top spot on the most popular mount charts for 2020. This will come as a huge boon to OM Digital Solutions. It will also give JIP, the investment firm that purchased Olympus, a huge boost of confidence in their acquisition. This is all fine and dandy, but OM Digital Solutions and Panasonic still need to find a way to crack western photography markets. Let’s talk about this after the break.

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It’s Time to Trim the Fat. Canon Gets Gloomy About Camera Sales

eos m50

The camera market is struggling, and Canon isn’t beating around the bush when it talks about future camera sales.

Another day and another nail has been hammered into the coffin of the camera market. Again, Canon has come out and said that the market has a future of doom and gloom due to decreasing camera sales. In fact, they reckon it’s so bad that you think the market is in free fall; you haven’t seen anything yet. Is there any hope of saving the camera industry? After the break, we’ll take a look at what Canon is predicting, and we’ll don our superhero capes and spout off ideas that could help turn things around.

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Nikon Is the Latest Camera Maker to Switch Into Sustainability Mode

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For more than 70 years, Nikon has proudly manufactured most of their cameras in their home country of Japan. However, times have changed, and the camera market has faltered. In a bid to save money, Nikon has announced that all cameras will be made in Thailand by the end of 2021. While this might not sound like a big deal, this news has sent shockwaves through the industry. It certainly helps paint a clearer picture of just how bad cash flow is in the industry. Nikon is the latest to try and slash costs, but will more manufacturers follow? Let’s talk about this.

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Xiaomi’s New Smartphone Lenses Might Shake Up The Camera Market

Phone photography

Cameras in smartphones are getting better all the time, and now Xiaomi’s new smartphone lenses could push mobile photography even further.

There’s a storm coming, and it’s making a beeline for the camera market. Sure, the photography world has weathered many smartphone powered storms. However, thanks to Xiaomi, this storm could do more damage than ever before. The Chinese smartphone giant has just teased two new retractable smartphone lenses that could take mobile photography to new heights. With the camera market still trying to find itself after the rise of smartphone photography, camera manufacturers may have to go back to the drawing board again. Let’s talk about this after the break.

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Opinion: Pentax, if You Don’t Embrace Mirrorless Tech, it’s Game Over

I have so much love for Pentax, but if they don’t jump into the 21st century soon, they will simply slip away.

Pentax and Pentaxians get a lot of hate and smack talk directed towards them for choosing to use cameras, that by many, are seen as antiquated. Let’s be clear, though, while current Pentax cameras may not sport the fastest autofocus systems, Mirrorless technologies, or the fastest burst rates; their cameras are still pretty great. Still, there’s no denying that Pentax has fallen far behind the competition. The camera market is now more competitive than ever before, and Pentax needs to figure out where they fit into this ever-evolving industry before it’s too late. Let’s talk about this after the break.

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OP ED: Will Sony’s Focus on Cameras Change Over the Next 5 Years?

The next Canon EOS R needs to crush the Sony A7R IV

Sony cameras are fantastic, but let’s not forget that Sony is a consumer electronics company, not a camera company, and that will hurt its Mirrorless cameras.

Sony has shaken things up in the photography industry over the last six years or so, and honestly, this has been wonderful for photographers: they have forced the likes of Canon and Nikon to wake up and produce more great cameras of their own. Still, some recent news about DRAM and the upcoming Playstation 5 brings us back down to earth and shows that, unlike Canon and Nikon, Sony is not a dedicated camera manufacturer. Sony is an electronics giant that will cut off support to a particular section of their business to focus on another. For photographers who have spent thousands on cameras and lenses from them, this is a little worrying. Let’s talk about it more after the break.

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Today’s Camera Market Value Is Higher Than It Was During the Film Days

The camera market is giving manufacturers greater profits than ever, so quit your whining Canon, Nikon, Olympus, and others.

There has been so much noise made by the industry about the rise of cell phones with cameras that are good enough for most people. There has been even more noise from camera manufacturers about declining sales, and the decreasing value of the camera market. But Leica says that’s all a bunch of baloney! According to Leica, the camera market is alive and well; in fact, they say it’s better than ever. Let’s talk about this after the break.

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If You Want a Leica, You had Better Get One Before a Nasty Price Hike

Thanks to the powers that be, imports from Germany are going to cost a lot more, and that includes Leica cameras.

We have some sad news to share with fans of Leica, and for anyone who was waiting for the new year to purchase a Leica camera or lens. The men and women in suits on Capitol Hill, who decided that a 25% import tax was necessary on products from Germany, will make your wallet cry a little louder in the new year. New Leica cameras and lenses that land on U.S shores after January 1st, 2020, will, unfortunately, be affected. Join us after the break to find out more about this news the camera market didn’t need.

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New Market Stats Suggest Canon Needs an RF Mount Rebel Camera Now

camera deals

As Canon cameras are absent from the top 10 selling cameras in Japan for November 2019, perhaps it’s time for an RF Mount Rebel.

It seems as though things are going from bad to worse for Canon. For the first time in what seems like an eternity, the top-selling cameras in Japan for a given month do not belong to Canon. Not only is Canon’s absence in the top three unexpected, but there are also no Canon cameras in the top 10 for November 2019. Ouch. Canon’s insistence on pushing their M mount is not paying off, so maybe it’s time for an RF mount Rebel camera. Let’s talk about this.

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Panasonic Quitting Sensor Making Isn’t Totally Good for the Industry

Sony’s camera sensor business is now in a position that will make them unstoppable, and that’s not good for anyone.

Sony’s plans for world domination took another step forward yesterday thanks to Panasonic deciding to jump from it’s sinking semi-conductor (camera sensor) making ship. Sony has been making sensors for a large portion of camera manufacturers and, their sensors power millions of smartphone cameras too. For Sony, this is great, but we can’t help but wonder, is Sony’s grip on everything related to cameras becoming just a little bit too tight? Let’s talk about this after the break. Continue reading…

Olympus Shuts Down the Circus and Ends the Speculation

The constant merry-go-round of ifs, buts, and maybes put Olympus in poor light, but the nonsense has finally stopped.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard all of the speculation surrounding Olympus and its camera division. Depending on who or what you believed, Olympus was either about to flourish or sink without a trace. Soon, a circus descended on the Olympus HQ, and there was widespread confusion about the future of the company. It seemed as though not even top officials knew what was going on, but now we know that Olympus is here to stay thanks to an official statement finally released. After the break, we will take a look at the circus that unfolded over the week, and just what other camera companies can learn from this debacle. Continue reading…

This Is Why Sony Got 42.5% of the Mirrorless Camera Market in 2018

Camera deals - Sony a7 III

Canon, Nikon, Olympus, and Co. had better up their game if they want to claim more of the camera market.

As 2019 draws to an end, one thing is for sure – Sony’s dominance in the camera market is alive and well. Just how the camera market will break down for 2019, nobody will know for a while, but we now know who the king of the castle was in 2018. It’s no surprise that it was Sony, and there’s been nothing to suggest that will change for 2019 either. Perhaps the biggest shock is just how much they are dominating others in the market. Join us after the break to see the camera market breakdown for 2018 and to explore what we think other manufacturers need to do to catch up to the steam roller that is Sony. Continue reading…

If Olympus Closes Its Doors, It Will Be a Wakeup Call to the Industry

We know Olympus said that the rumors aren’t true, but we think this is something we need to think about with one of the big manufacturers.

It seems we can’t go a single day without hearing one of the major camera companies is in such bad shape that they are thinking of closing their doors forever. The company in question this time is Olympus. The iconic company that just celebrated 100 years in the industry is apparently in such a financial mire that the writing may be on the wall for them. If this does happen, it will send shockwaves through the industry. It was confirmed by Photofocus that this rumor is untrue, but with everyone’s sales down it seems inevitable that someone will fall.

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The Canon EOS Ra is Fine, But it’s Not The Camera we Need or Want

The Canon EOS Ra will scratch the itch of Astrophotographers, but it will leave everyone else wanting, and waiting for more.

It has been just over a year since the Canon EOS R arrived on the Mirrorless camera scene. While it may have been lacking features that many expected, over the last 13 months, the EOS R has been updated to the point where it has become a very competent camera. Canon fans want more, though. The EOS R is lagging behind Sony in terms of feature sets and resolution, and Canon has said that a higher Megapixel EOS R camera is in the works. So, when we heard about a new EOS R camera from Canon hitting the market, we got excited, but, unfortunately, it’s not what you’re thinking. Join us after the break to find out more about the Canon EOS Ra and who it’s geared towards. Continue reading…

The Camera Market Needs Canon to Stop Drinking Its Own Kool-Aid

Canon’s profits are tanking, and they are losing even more ground in the camera market.

Poor Canon; it seems as though things keep going from bad to worse for the former king of the photography castle. While Canon has been hard at work on all fronts, it seems as though their efforts aren’t producing the results they want. To be fair, earlier on this year, Canon’s CEO did say that he fully expects things to get worse before they get better, but I don’t think anyone could have predicted that their gross profits would tank quite so hard over nine months. Just what does Canon need to do to steady their ship? Continue reading…

What Camera Companies Must Do to Compete With Phone Photography

Phone photography

The camera market is sinking faster than the Titanic, and phone photography’s popularity is part of the reason why.

We know this is not new news, but the camera market is continuing to tank, and for the first time, the Mirrorless camera market has taken a hit too. The epic rise of phone camera technology and computational photography is part of the reason why. The other part of the equation is camera manufacturers aren’t doing enough to bring mobile photographers into the dedicated camera fold. After the break, we will take a look at the numbers and talk about what Canon, Sony, Fujifilm, Olympus, and others need to do to win over the hearts of those who think their phone is good enough. Continue reading…

Will the Canon 1DX III Help Save the DSLR Market?

The Canon 1DX III is a specialist tool, but it shows there’s still life left in DSLRs.

There has been a lot of debate about the current state of the camera market. Many believe that DSLRs have had their time and that Mirrorless cameras are now the king of the jungle. Others believe that DSLRs still have a role to play. It seems as though two giants of the industry (Nikon and Canon) think that DSLRs still have some life left in them yet. Canon’s leading the charge with its 90D, and now the newly announced Canon 1DX III. The new Pro body DSLR from Canon will no doubt be a hit with photographers working in the field, but what will these cameras do for the DSLR market overall? Let’s talk about that after the break. Continue reading…

Camera Sales Are Exploding in Europe, But Still Declining in the Americas

portrait lenses

Camera sales may be down in some parts of the world, but things are starting to look good in Europe.

All eyes have been firmly planted on cameras sales ever since Canon came out and said they expect the camera market to decline rapidly in the coming years. While recent numbers from CIPA (Camera & Imaging Products Association) seem to suggest Canon is on to something, the data for May 2019 indicates that, in some parts of the world, camera sales have improved. Join us after the break to take a peek at the numbers. Continue reading…

The Canon EOS M50 Is One of Their Most Popular Cameras, But Why?

eos m50

In Japan, the EOS M50 is outselling competing devices at a furious pace.

The Canon EOS M series of cameras have been around for a while, and while they aren’t class-leading devices, and despite the fact that they use a lens mount with few lens options, they seem to be selling rather well in some countries. A recent report shows just how well; the numbers are mind-boggling, but also show why Canon’s financials aren’t exactly making their bank managers happy. Join us after the break to take a look at the numbers, and to see why perhaps the M50 is selling better than anyone anticipated. Continue reading…

Japanese Camera Market: Sony Making Bank, While Canon, Nikon Grovel

camera deals

The Japanese camera market is a key indicator for worldwide trends and sales forecasting.

We have spoken about the camera market and the state it’s currently in, and while some manufacturers seem to think the camera market is doomed (looking at you, Canon), others are finding plenty of sweet, sweet fruit to collect and enjoy. A recent Japanese camera market study, which collected 13 months of data, has just been released and the numbers are incredibly interesting. Join us after the break for all the juicy details. Continue reading…

Chill Out, the Camera Market Might Be Down 35% But There’s a Reason

The fear mongering over the camera market is getting out of hand.

Another new week, another new report about the declining camera market and death of photography as we know it. Sheesh. Hold your horses people, and stop jumping to conclusions. If you were to look into it I am sure you could apply the same headline to any industry and it would probably match up. Join us after the break to see what the latest CIPA reports states about the supposedly imploding camera market. Continue reading…