Canon EOS R10 Review: The Rebel Killer the World Needs?

The Canon EOS R10 may not have Rebel in the name, but the $1,099 kit feels very much like a mirrorless reincarnation of an old Rebel DSLR. While Canon’s new crop sensor mirrorless feels in tune with the company’s DSLRs, there’s plenty of new technology to be had for Rebels making the transition to mirrorless. The most exciting change from Canon’s entry-level DSLRs? The Animal Eye AF of Canon’s pricier R cameras trickles down to the R10. The electronic viewfinder, which shows an accurate preview of the image about to be taken, will also be welcomed by many beginners.

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Tiny Camera Meets Big Potential: Fujifilm XE4 Review

The Fujifilm XE4 feels like a point-and-shoot, yet it has the image quality of a camera that costs twice as much.

The smaller a camera is, the more likely photographers will carry it with them everywhere. The Fujifilm XE4 is one of the smallest mirrorless bodies from Fujifilm yet. Paired with a newly announced 27mm kit lens, and the XE4 feels almost like packing a point-and-shoot. At $850 body-only (or $1,050 with the kit), the XE4 is one of the more affordable Fuji mirrorless cameras. Even with that price, the XE4 still packs in the same sensor and processor as the Fujifilm XT4. So, what did Fujifilm cut to get to that sub-$1000 price point?

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Sub $1000: These Small, Powerful Budget Cameras Destroy Smartphones

You don’t have to spend a lot to get significantly better image quality, and these budget cameras prove that.

You’ve been carrying your smartphone with you for years now. Over time, you’ve developed a keen eye when it comes to photography. You like to share your images online. You also like to print photos you’ve made, but you wish you could make larger prints. If these statements sound like you, it’s time to step up to a dedicated camera. We get it, spending money on a traditional camera seems like overkill. After all, you spent close to $1,500 or more on your phone. However, we have a secret to tell you. Ready? You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a camera that will make your smartphone camera look like a toy. After the break, we will share our favorite budget cameras that will simply amaze you.

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Back to School: The Best Cameras, Lenses, and More for 2019

Get some new camera gear just in time for the new school year.

As the summer is beginning to wind down in the United States, many students are beginning to gather supplies and other essentials in preparation for the upcoming school year. With the Fall semester rapidly approaching, we’ve put this roundup together for the photography enthusiasts looking to assemble their Back-To-School Photography Kit for the new school year.

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