How the Fuji X100 Retaught Me Street Photography

Part of my methods of testing cameras here at The Phoblographer is by using them for street photography. While I agree with Eric Kim that it’s the photographer that creates the images, I believe that the camera is the tool that we use to do it. With that said, you wouldn’t use a wrench when you need a screwdriver. Upon using the Fuji X100, I believe that the camera retaught me how to do street photography.

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Which One? Canon 5D Mk II or Canon 7D for Wedding Photography

The Ring Shot

We believe that the Canon 7Dand Canon 5D Mk IIcomplement each other very well, but questions have arisen as to which one is better to get all the shots on your wedding photography checklist. Go onto the most popular photography forums and you’ll see this question appear at least three times a month in one way or another. We’re aware that in some ways this is like comparing apples to oranges, but it is a subject that is well worth exploring. David Ziser concluded that he’d rather go for the 7D; but is that right for you? We’ve noticed readers typing this into the search bar of the site—so since the 1D Mk IV is out of range for many of you, here’s your answer.

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