Ami Vitale Shares Insights for Creating a Solid Grant Submission

Ami Vitale says, “You need to be passionate and understand your story better than anyone else.”

“Turn off social media and the tv and read voraciously,” says photographer Ami Vitale when asked about resources for grant applications. This year, Ami is the first female judge for the Imagely Fund–which is looking to provide a grant for one environmental photography project and one for a humanitarian photography project. Each of which has a $5,000 prize. As a judge, we talked to Ami Vitale to get some answers to the all-too-often obscure and confusing enigma that is submitting grant applications.

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Canon EOS RP is Capable of Being Controlled By User Generated Apps

The Canon EOS RP could well turn into a creative’s best friend once app developers start using the new CCAPI.

The Canon EOS RP is a bare bones, Full Frame Mirrorless camera that really doesn’t have many bells and whistles, but thanks to the digital age, and the wonderful world of SDKs (Software Development Kits), the Canon EOS RP could be turned into a creatives dream. Recently, Canon announced that the EOS RP is the latest camera in their line up to feature their CCAPI (Camera Control Application Program Interface). In other words, app developers will be able to make apps that will allow you to control your camera remotely. Join us after the break for more information. Continue reading…