Canon EOS RP is Capable of Being Controlled By User Generated Apps

The Canon EOS RP could well turn into a creative’s best friend once app developers start using the new CCAPI.

The Canon EOS RP is a bare bones, Full Frame Mirrorless camera that really doesn’t have many bells and whistles, but thanks to the digital age, and the wonderful world of SDKs (Software Development Kits), the Canon EOS RP could be turned into a creatives dream. Recently, Canon announced that the EOS RP is the latest camera in their line up to feature their CCAPI (Camera Control Application Program Interface). In other words, app developers will be able to make apps that will allow you to control your camera remotely. Join us after the break for more information.

The Canon CCAPI program was launched in January of this year (rather quietly we might add), and app developers in the Canon Developer Community were granted access to the wireless version of the software developers kit called CCAPI, and a tethered version of the software developers kit called the EOS Digital SDK (EDSDK). Any developer who wants to make applications that can access stored images and videos on the Canon EOS RP, and control the camera remotely via a phone app can sign up to the community for free. The CCAPI version uses HTTP protocol over WiFi, and it can be executed over programs that support HTTP. This gives any developer more options in regards to the platforms on which they can build their applications. The EDSDK will allow developers to create apps over a tethered USB connection. Both of these software developer kits will allow savvy programmers to create apps that an end user could then download and use.

None of this is really new to the world of cameras. Think about all of the applications that are on the market today that allow you to wirelessly transfer images to your phone, the difference here is that Canon has given creative freedom to developers. This means time lapse apps, apps that can remotely trigger the camera by noise or movement, and really anything else that application developers can think of can be developed. The possibilities are endless, and developers will only be limited by their own imaginations.

Canon eos rp

While the ability to be able to do these kinds of things is not new, it’s really pretty cool that Canon have given creative freedoms to app developers out there. Get the word out to any developers that you know, and see if they would be interested in making apps that could potentially make Canon EOS RP users lives better; they could probably make a buck or two as well from app sales. What kind of applications would you like to see developed? Let us know in the comment section below.

Brett Day

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