For Your Next Adventure: ProMaster SP528K Tripod Review

The ProMaster SP528K Tripod kit is exactly what most serious photographers need.

Fact: the staff of The Phoblographer is always on the lookout for new tripods. We use them a lot when we’re testing gear. And because of how much abuse we put them through, we tend to break them. None are created equal. In our discoveries for the perfect tripod, we were introduced to the ProMaster SP528K. At under $300, this tripod can get really tall – taller than I am. But the best part about it is the ball head. It’s capable of doing things that much more expensive heads do. It’s not perfect, but at the price point, I’m not sure anything can beat it–and it has us liking a lot of what the ProMaster lineup can do.

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The World’s First Titanium Tripod System Promises to be Ultralight and User Friendly

titanium tripods

These carbon fiber and titanium tripods along with a full titanium ballheads are aiming to shake up the tripod world

Even though tripods are one of the most used photography accessories around, they never seem to get as much attention as other tools that we use. One company is really trying to take tripod technology to the next level though with their ultralight, yet incredibly sturdy carbon fiber and titanium offerings. To top it off the Colorado Tripod Company have also created the world’s first full titanium hollowball which promises to cut the ball weight by 52%. Read on after the break to find out more about this interesting Kickstarter project. Continue reading…

The Gitzo Traveler Alpha Tripod Wants to Get to Know Your Sony Camera

Sony camera users: the new Gitzo Traveler Alpha tripod was designed to work with your a7 or a9 camera

Gitzo and the rest of the Vitec group have been keen on doing collaborations with companies like Sony. The star of their latest effort is the new Gitzo Traveler Alpha. So how is it specifically designed for Sony cameras? Apparently, it has to do with the tripod plate. Said plate for the Gitzo Traveler Alpha connects to the tripod socket of the Sony a7 and a9 (which they’re touting in the press release but we’re sure it will work with others it seems). In addition to this, there is a new Gitzo L-Bracket Alpha. This accessory is intended to make switching from vertical to horizontal positions smoother.

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Review: Cokin RIVIERA Classic Tripod

One of the biggest problems the photography industry has faced is selling tripods. In fact, it seems that with both lens and sensor based image stabilization seeming to work together, some may argue that you may not need a tripod. And indeed, for many photographers out there, you probably don’t need a tripod for your work. Landscape photographers and long exposure shooters will more than likely always need it. But the rest…

Maybe that’s why Cokin developed the Cokin RIVIERA Classic. You see, this isn’t a standard run of the mill tripod. Indeed, it isn’t a tripod you need per se, but it surely is a tripod you’ll want.

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Manfrotto’s New BeFree Compact Tripod is Aimed at the Photographer on the Go

Manfrotto BeFree Tripod

Manfrotto just announced a new compact tripod aimed at photographers on the go, called the ‘BeFree’. What makes this tripod ideal for photographers that travel a lot is its compact size and low weight. The aluminum-made BeFree weighs only 3 lbs (1.36 kg) and folds to a size of less than 16″ (40 cm). In addition, it comes with its own dedicated bag for extra protection, which you can also carry over your shoulder.

The BeFree is available now for a retail price of US $199.89.

Useful Photography Tip #43: Placement of Photos You’ve Shot and Printed

When you shoot for a while and become very proud of some of your work, there comes a point where you might want to display your pieces of work in a physical form vs on websites. After moving into my new apartment, that was exactly the situation I was in. Then a whole bunch of questions come up: what should I print the photos on? What rendering should I use?

And then after that: where should I put them? I was luckily pitched by a company called ChromaLuxe, who actually does a wonderful job of printing. Specifically, I received one of my photos from my last roll of Kodak Ektachrome printed on Aluminum Panels with four different finishes. And then it was a matter of figuring out where to place my favorite. Based on my knowledge of lighting, this came fairly simply.

You can also check out more Useful Photography Tips if you’d like.

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Review: Oben AC-1310+BA-0 Tripod

The world of sub $200 tripods seems to be an ever-growing category. In this post, we are going to take a look at one of the newest entries to the party, the Oben AC-1310 with BA-0 ball head. So, is this tripod simply another “disposable” tripod (i.e. you will most likely need to replace it in a year or two), or is this a hidden jewel in the world of tripods? Let’s put it through the ringer and find out.

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