The World’s First Titanium Tripod System Promises to be Ultralight and User Friendly

titanium tripods
These carbon fiber and titanium tripods along with a full titanium ballheads are aiming to shake up the tripod world

Even though tripods are one of the most used photography accessories around, they never seem to get as much attention as other tools that we use. One company is really trying to take tripod technology to the next level though with their ultralight, yet incredibly sturdy carbon fiber and titanium offerings. To top it off the Colorado Tripod Company have also created the world’s first full titanium hollowball which promises to cut the ball weight by 52%. Read on after the break to find out more about this interesting Kickstarter project.

The Colorado Tripod Company are driven by a desire to create more user friendly tripods that can really stand the test of time. By using better quality materials, and by analyzing over two dozen designs that are currently in use, the company has been able to create ultralight carbon fiber and titanium tripods, along with ballheads that are machined out of solid blocks of titanium.

Titanium is much lighter than aluminum, but it’s as strong as steel. It’s these qualities that make the Colorado Tripod Company believe that this material is perfect for photographers who want to carry tripods that won’t weigh them down. They also claim that their tripods are much sturdier and stable than those made by competing manufacturers due to the quality of carbon fiber they’re using.

The full titanium ballheads have been designed from the ground up and they offer much more flexibility than their rivals. The majority of ballheads on the market limit camera movement (landscape to portrait) to a 90 degree cutout in the shell, and this is where the design of the Aspen ballhead comes in to play.


The unique design behind the Aspen ballhead allows you to put it into portrait orientation without the limitation of a cut out. The ballhead is also capable of supporting 25lbs worth of gear while weighing half as much as competing heads. The ease of use, and the low weight will probably make photographers from all walks of life very happy.

titanium tripods

The carbon fiber and titanium model of the Centennial tripod has a load capacity of 50lbs and weighs under 3lbs itself, while the aluminum version weighs in at 3.5lbs. There is no doubt that being able to keep your weight down while going for a hike is something that all landscape photographers want to do. Maybe this is the tripod that will enable many to do that.

The Kickstarter project for these tripods and ballheads has already beaten it’s initial goal of $50,000; with current pledges currently sitting at $155,433. If you would like to get your hands on one of the lightweight carbon fiber and titanium tripods and the full titanium ballheads at a discounted price head on over there, the Kickstarter project is still taking pledges.

The full line-up of aluminum and titanium tripods and ballheads can be seen over on the Kickstarter page. All are scheduled to ship in March of 2019.