The Gitzo Traveler Alpha Tripod Wants to Get to Know Your Sony Camera

Sony camera users: the new Gitzo Traveler Alpha tripod was designed to work with your a7 or a9 camera

Gitzo and the rest of the Vitec group have been keen on doing collaborations with companies like Sony. The star of their latest effort is the new Gitzo Traveler Alpha. So how is it specifically designed for Sony cameras? Apparently, it has to do with the tripod plate. Said plate for the Gitzo Traveler Alpha connects to the tripod socket of the Sony a7 and a9 (which they’re touting in the press release but we’re sure it will work with others it seems). In addition to this, there is a new Gitzo L-Bracket Alpha. This accessory is intended to make switching from vertical to horizontal positions smoother.

Gitzo Traveler Alpha

The new Gitzo Traveler Alpha seems like a tripod designed for, wait for it, the traveler! Paired with a mirrorless camera, it seems like they’re a great combination to be stuffed into your camera bag as you travel. As you do this, be sure to remember that the TSA is still bound to make you take it out of your bag. At 3.15 lbs, the Gitzo Traveler Alpha also has legs that collapses down and allow you to shoot as low as 10 inches. When needed it can expand to as large as 65 inches. Crazy, right? When it collapses down, it becomes around 17 inches. Hopefully, you’ve got a slot on your camera bag that can accommodate that and you won’t need to hold it in your hand.

Additionally, the Gitzo Traveler Alpha has a quick release–which can make things really even easier when packing up or setting up to nail that perfect sunset.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any word on pricing at the moment.

Gitzo L-Bracket Alpha

Made from aluminum, Gitzo L-Bracket Alpha is designed to work with the Gitzo Traveler. It attaches to your camera, and then onto the Sony-specific camera plate, then allows the photographer to go from shooting landscape orientation to vertical when they need to. This is for sure a different approach to things; just flip the head and adjust for straight lines, horizons, and compositions.

We also don’t have pricing on the Gitzo L-Bracket Alpha yet.

Chris Gampat

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