Bad Photo Tip: Use Presets to Make Your Photos Less Unique

Fact: people like the same thing and similar variations of it over and over again. They can’t get enough of it. It’s why so many fast food options have similar menus. It’s a great reason why every Bollywood movie follows iterations of the same plot. But it’s also crept into other parts of life. With the way app algorithms work, it’s also made us like so many similar images. They’ve got similar looks and content. And so, you should genuinely just give up hope on being creative. Instead, deliver just what the clients want: which is more of the same. That’s why presets are great!

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Are Photographers Who Shoot for an Algorithm Really Artists?

With more photography available for consumption online than ever before, what makes some photographs “art” and others just an exercise in technical photography? And should we care? 

I could not ask these questions in good conscience without sharing how I started as a photographer. I remember the first time that I picked up a camera. I was ten years old, and I was standing in the driveway of my childhood home. My first intuition was to go crazy and snap away at anything that I “liked.” I embraced photography simply as something that I had fun with and nothing more. 

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If You’re a Portrait Photographer, This Could Be Your Biggest Problem with Instagram

Instagram’s terrible algorithm causes an issue that’s sort of embarrassing if you’re both a genuine portrait photographer who cares about their career.

The embarrassing feeling of being “caught” is something that every guy dreads–especially if he’s a genuine portrait photographer with a clean record and who put his career first. “Caught” is a term that I’m using in relation to an issue with Instagram’s algorithm; and to fully explain what’s going on, I should relate a tale of embarrassment and explain how it’s changed me. After speaking more with the site’s staff, I’ve seen how it can happen to portrait photographers of both genders.

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Opinion: Instagram’s Algorithm Is the Absolute Best Reason Why Photographers Need Their Own Website

If you don’t have a photography website for your portfolio, you’re doing something really stupid for your work.

This is a very, very strong opinion; one that I actually feel is a fact. It’s taken me a really long time to sit and ruminate over this idea, but I’ve come to the ultimate conclusion that if you’re one of those photographers who only showcases their Instagram, then you’re doing yourself an injustice. Why? How? Well, some of this comes from just what many photographers complain about when it comes to Instagram.

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Instagram Does a Little Mythbusting on Their Algorithmic Feed

Have you been curious about how Instagram’s algorithm decides who sees your posts? Us too!

If you are an avid Instagrammer (as you should be if you are trying to promote your photography on social media), then you have probably been wondering about your reach since Instagram switched to the algorithmic feed from the chronological one. The problem with an algorithm is that it decides what you see, but for something that has so much control over how you interact with the service, relatively little is known about how the algorithm works. Well, Instagram recently had a bunch of press out to their new Headquarters to shed a little light on the algorithm and how it decides what to show users when they open up their IG apps. Continue reading…

Facebook Deletes 10 Groups Used to “Game” Instagram Reach

One of the Instagram algorithm-gaming Facebook groups removed had over 200,000 members.

As part of its crackdown against groups “gaming” the algorithm of its system, Facebook has recently deleted and banned 10 groups that were found to be used for boosting the reach of Instagram accounts. With most brands and businesses today — independent photographers and studios included — relying on social media platforms for their digital marketing campaigns, it’s easy to see why these groups amassed members by the thousands, one of them even had over 200,000. However, it also proves why social media engagement often isn’t a reliable indicator of quality of work.

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Instagram Finally Gets the Hint About Chronological Feeds – Kinda

Many have complained about Instagram’s change from a chronological feed to an algorithm based feed

It’s been some time now since Instagram decided to ditch their chronological feed in favor of a more Facebook-esq algorithmic feed designed to show you what it thinks you want to see. As with any major change, the move was hit with a lot of criticism, much of which seemed to fall on deaf ears at Instagram. Despite a lot of outcry, the company continued to launch new feature after new feature, while mostly ignoring the complaints about the algorithm-based feed.

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The Mathematics of Popularity in the Age of Instagram

This post and the images used with it originally appeared on Street Sihlouettes. It has been syndicated and republished with permission. All content copyright Horatio Tan. Syndication by Anthony Thurston.

Should photographers be judged by the size of their Instagram following? From the perspective of talent, it would seem unfair to rate a photographer in such an arbitrary way. But is it really unfair?

It is, but life is unfair. Get use to it. Continue reading…