Documenting Eagle Hunting in Mongolia with the Sony A7R IV

The recent nomadic games and eagle hunting sport in Mongolia turned out to be a perfect opportunity for Michael Bonocore to test the Sony A7R IV.

If you just purchased the Sony A7R IV and are searching for the perfect opportunity to test it out, you might look for something as fascinating as the nomadic games and eagle hunting in Mongolia. Travel photographer Michael Bonocore did just that with DPReview, and his photos and footage should give you an idea on how Sony’s latest flagship, Full Frame mirrorless camera will fare in these energetic events.

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Review: Sony A7R IV (The Pound for Pound Resolution King)

The next Canon EOS R needs to crush the Sony A7R IV

The Sony A7R IV is the current pound for pound resolution king when it comes to Full Frame Mirrorless cameras.

Earlier this summer, Sony announced its latest high-resolution flagship Full Frame Mirrorless camera, the Sony A7R IV, which was met with an overwhelmingly positive reception. At the heart of the Sony A7R IV is its brand new, 61MP, backside-illuminated sensor. As of press time, this sensor is the highest resolution sensor available in a Full Frame camera. This takes the A7 series into medium format resolving territory. The Sony A7R IV also packs the company’s latest generation AF technologies under its hood, including Face and Eye AF for Humans and Animals, in addition to Real-time Tracking. The exterior of the A7R IV went under the knife as well, resulting in a slightly larger body that includes a deeper handgrip, better joystick, improved rear dial, a lockable Exposure Compensation dial, and upgraded buttons all around. The excellent Electronic View Finder from the A7R III was also replaced with a higher resolution EVF now capable of refreshing at up to 120 fps. Weather-sealing has been one of Sony’s pain points, but this also saw a major overhaul in the A7R IV. All of these improvements culminate in a camera designed clearly with the professional in mind.

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The Sensor in The Sony A7R IV Is Outperformed by Its Older Sibling

The sensor in the Sony A7R IV has been through tough tests at DXOMARK, and it came through with flying colors.

If you’ve been thinking about buying the Sony A7R IV, but wanting to see the real-world reviews like the ones we do, as well as lab tests like the ones DXOMARK performs, then today is your lucky day. DXOMARK has announced that testing on the sensor found in Sony’s latest Megapixel monster is complete. Where does the Sony A7R IV land in their league table? Find out after the break. Continue reading…