Documenting Eagle Hunting in Mongolia with the Sony A7R IV

The recent nomadic games and eagle hunting sport in Mongolia turned out to be a perfect opportunity for Michael Bonocore to test the Sony A7R IV.

If you just purchased the Sony A7R IV and are searching for the perfect opportunity to test it out, you might look for something as fascinating as the nomadic games and eagle hunting in Mongolia. Travel photographer Michael Bonocore did just that with DPReview, and his photos and footage should give you an idea on how Sony’s latest flagship, Full Frame mirrorless camera will fare in these energetic events.

Everything in the short video below by DPReview was filmed and photographed using the Sony A7R IV. So, if you’re curious about using the Full Frame mirrorless camera as a workhorse for both photos and videos, it should give you an idea.

Instead of only shooting action snaps from the nomadic games, Bonocore and DPReview put together a mix that included portraits shot both up close and against the sweeping vistas of Mongolia. To create a more cohesive storytelling approach, they also included interviews with the eagle hunters, as well as footage of the event happenings and behind the scenes.

They focused on the stories of eagle hunters in Mongolia, particularly, Dalaikhan Boshar, eagle master and the festival organizer; and Igram Askar, a 13-year-old eagle huntress who is showing promise and prowess at her young age. Bonocore’s beautiful portraits of them show both the poignant story of the tradition and art of eagle hunting being passed on from one generation to the next.

Meanwhile, the focus of this introduction of the Sony A7R IV is putting its 567-point autofocus system to the test. This includes the Real-Time AF Tracking at up to 10fps, and Eye Detection for both humans and animals. So, if you plan to capture a lot of action and require high-precision AF, the video should give you some answers about this camera.

All in all, the video shows an interesting mix of inspiring storytelling and a showcase of the key features at your disposal should you want to do something like this with the Sony A7R IV. Hopefully, you got some ideas for your own photography projects!

Check out the DPReview YouTube channel for more of their photography videos.


Screenshot image from the video