These Photographers Achieve Great Results with the Leica M10

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The Leica M10 is a full-frame beast that’s popular with photographers across many genres. We’re going to take a look at some of them making great work with it.

When the Leica M10 was released in 2017, the Leica community couldn’t wait to get their hands on it. It’s a full-frame system that packs 24MP into its CMOS sensor, and, of course, it’s a Leica (so people were always going to drool over it). Boasting you have a Leica M10 is one thing, but proving you can use it is another. We know a thing or two about what makes a good photograph. Because of that, we can see past the gear heads and identify who the real photographers are. In a list that packs some of the very best, here are five photographers doing the Leica M10 the justice it deserves.

1. @omarzrobles

Born and raised in Puerto Rico and now residing in New York, Omar Z. Robles isn’t your average portrait photography. His passion for street photography heavily influences his work. Omar has been able to combine the elegant movements of humanity with the rugged streets of the big city – all with his Leica M10. It has brought him great success, with a client list that includes the likes of Jaguar and GAP, Omar is on a path to greatness!

2. @katerina__christina

Katerina is only 25 years old, yet she has had more success than many will see in a lifetime. A constant feature on Leica’s platforms, she has a body of work that highlights achievement and the wonders of life. Her excellent series, Shattered Glass, looks closely at women around the world who are doing amazing things in life, and shattering the glass ceiling in the process. Her great eye for topics that matter makes her an exciting photographer and one we feel everyone should take a look at.

3. @bronfer

Seriously, this Leica M10 shooter – better known as Bronfer – has some terrific photography. He’s a self-confessed “Leica Addict,” and has fully subscribed to the philosophy of the German brand. What we find most impressive about his work is how he able to isolate his subjects, while still keeping enough details in an image to provide great context. This isn’t an easy thing to do. Because of his skill, the results are well-balanced photographs that invoke calm from those that view them.

4. @vtremeau

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To Be On The Picture. Children are rushing in front of the camera to be in the frame, in a school in North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo. When you go either to a school or a refugee camp in Africa with a camera, you generally represent the attraction of the day for the kids who are walking around. After only few minutes, you are often followed by a procession of children, who just want to see what is on your camera screen. A very fun game to play is to point your camera to somewhere, and you will see in few seconds all the children going there to be on the picture. So when you actually take a picture of them, it always comes along with pushing and laughing! For #WorldChildrensDay , I thought to share this experience with you today 🙂 That said, 30 years ago today, world leaders promised to children they will keep them safe, that they will have the right to get education and rights to speak out and be heard. Many things have been done and it is important to acknowledge it. But a lot remains to be achieved too, and it is an obligation to continue these efforts. Among all the ressources we have, children are the most valuable. By protecting and educating them, we give them the opportunity to be better than us in addressing the challenges the world is and will face. #vtremeau #ForEveryChild, Every Right

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Vincent Tremeau is currently working out of Dakar, Senegal. Originally from France, he graduated in Humanitarian Studies, which shows he has long had an interest in the real world. Because of this, his work is focused on documentary photography. He’s currently doing some critical work, which highlights the daily struggles of people growing up and living in Africa. His photography has earned him wide-spread attention from leading publications in the industry, and he’s gathered a strong following the process.

5. @hiro_ig101

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. London | October 2019.

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Shooting street photography in 2019, Hiroshi Tabata has been able to create a body of work reminiscent of a gone by era. Maybe it’s the classic black and white, perhaps it’s the Leica M10 – whatever it is, we dig it! As well as creating street photography, Hiroshi is also working hard to build his YouTube channel. On it, you will see real-life perspectives of him shooting the streets of Southern England. For both his work ethic and photography skills, it was a no-brainer having him on this list.

Which Leica M10 Shooters Excite You?

Do you shoot with a Leica M10 or know of somebody who does? Do you or them go beyond looking fancy and create quality photography? We would love to hear from you. Give a shout out in the comments below so we can check you or them out.

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