5 Minute Camera Review: Sony a1 Is a Fantastic Beast

In our Sony a1 Video Review, we tackle everything you need within 5 minutes.

The Sony a1 is positively fantastic: arguably the hottest camera of the year so far. You should totally check out our full review of it here. But you should also check out our summary before doing a deep dive. As part of our 5 Minute Reviews series, we examined just how good the Sony a1 is. After the jump, you can find our Sony a1 Video review. No wonder it received our Editor’s Choice Award. But is it really worth $6,499?

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An Excellent Camera That’s Overkill for Most: Sony a1 Review

The Sony a1 shows that electronic shutters are the future.

Sony stunned the photography industry when they announced their new flagship camera, the Sony a1. Sony is back to innovating again when it comes to silicon, and this is incredibly exciting. On paper, this camera with its new stacked sensor should impress even the most hard-headed photographers out there. Still, we all know that specs on a piece of paper don’t always equate to great real-world performance. We’ve had our hands on the new Sony a1 for a week, and we’ve put it to the test in some tough conditions. Will the wow factor from the spec sheet carry over into the wild when we test it? Find out in our full review of the Sony a1.

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An Unbiased Analysis: Is the Sony a1 Worth the Hype?

On the next episode of Pro Camera Reviews, we’re discussing the Sony a1.

Photographers have been on the hunt for a professional camera with innovation. Smartphones are just so good these days. It seems like they’re keeping up with higher end cameras. But, then the Sony a1 came out and changed that in huge ways. It joins a bunch of other cameras that are absolutely fantastic at what they do. Other manufacturers looked on in shock, so is it really worth the hype? And we’re discussing that in our next episode of Pro Camera Reviews.

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