How to Shoot Better Macro Photos In-Camera

Some of the most fun you can have with photography has to do with macro work. The nature of it forces photographers to pay the utmost attention to everything they’re doing. The slightest things can cause mistakes that lead to missing the opportunity. Whether you’re in the wild or in a studio, photographers universally agree that your tools matter a whole lot with macro. And luckily, we’re here to talk to about one of the best cameras for macro photography.

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Three Essential Lenses for the Beginning Micro Four Thirds User

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Micro Four Thirds High ISO comparison (4 of 4)ISO 1251-30 sec at f - 5.6

The Micro Four Thirds system is all about great image quality in a small package. That was evident pretty much from the start, when Olympus introduced the legendary E-P1 camera with its minuscule 17mm f2.8 pancake kit lens. When buying a new Micro Four Thirds camera today, you’ll probably end up with one of the kit zooms from Olympus and Panasonic, ranging in focal length between 12mm and 50mm. While these may be a great entry into the system and provide some versatility and image quality, you will at some point want to upgrade to more specialized and higher-end glass. Here’s our list of three essential Micro Four Thirds lenses that provide great image quality and don’t break the bank.

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Sigma’s 60mm f2.8 DN Will Go for $239, Arrive Later This Month


Recently, Sigma announced a refresh of their two mirrorless lenses: the 19mm f2.9 and 30mm f2.8. But they also added in a new player, the 60mm f2.8. Today, they’re announcing the price point of the new Art Series lens and some more specs. It will set you back $239 when it hits the shelves in mid-May and will be available for Sony NEX E mount and Micro Four Thirds mounts. It will focus as closely at 19.7 inches, has 8 elements in 6 groups, 7 aperture blades, and will also come in silver.

If you’re looking for a longer focal length for portraits, this may be the one to snag.

Sigma Announces Four New Art Lenses: Three Mirrorless, One DSLR Lens


Sigma is announcing four new art lenses: but only one of the lenses is actually totally new. The company’s 30mm f2.8 DN, 19mm f2.8 DN, and 30mm f1.4 DC HSM have long been in the lineup, but they’re now receiving a refresh. In these new versions, they’ve now been given a bit of an optical performance overhaul and more of a facelift to include them in the art collection–where they join the very good 35mm f1.4 HSM. Once you read the specs though, you start to realize that they’re really not playing around now. For example, the new lenses all have brass made bayonets. Sound familiar? It’s the reason why you pay so much for B&W filters: the brass.

According to the press release, “All three DN lenses incorporate telecentric optical designs and a linear, auto focusing motor that ensures accurate and quiet focusing for video recording. They also boast metal exteriors and a simply shaped focus ring, with varying textures to distinguish each part of the lens. In addition, DN users can choose between a black or silver finish to match their favorite equipment.”

More images and specs on the lenses are after the jump.

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Holiday 2012: Recommended Lenses for Micro Four Thirds

The Micro Four Thirds system has the biggest choice of lenses of all mirrorless systems so far.

The holiday season is just around the corner, so it’s time to think about the right gear for your holiday pictures. If you’re a Micro Four Thirds user, you’re in a lucky position, as we have seen a whole slew of new lenses for the system in this year — in addition to the great lenses we already had. So no matter whether you’re on the search for a lens to use yourself, or for one to give away to someone for Christmas — this guide will help you pick one (or two, or more) from the vastness of glass that is available for the system by now.

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Photokina 2012 Report — Part 3: Olympus and Panasonic

The Panasonic GH3 with the X 12-35mm f2.8 lens.

Today we publish part three of our photokina 2012 report. This time: the stands of Olympus and Panasonic. Both companies had announced a number of new lenses and camera for the Micro Four Thirds system, which I had a closer look at during photokina. In this article: the Olympus E-PL5 and E-PM2 cameras, the 17mm f1.8 lens, the 60mm f2.8 macro lens, the 15mm f8 body cap lens, and the Panasonic GH3 with the 12-35mm f2.8 lens.

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Hands On Review: Samsung NX200 and 85mm f1.4

With today’s announcement of the Samsung NX200 digital camera, I can now officially say that I had some personal fondling time with the camera. While they’re not a name that you hear as often as those of Olympus, Panasonic Sony and Sony does Samsung seem to have a winner with the NX200? Especially with new lenses just announced too?

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