Samyang Said to Introduce 35mm f1.4 Lens with Electronic Contacts for Canon EF-Mount

Samyang 35mm f1.4 for Canon with electronic contacts

Samyang, the South Korean company whose lenses are sold under the Rokinon brand name in the US, have recently teased a new product announcement for April 28th. Thanks to a video report from the Photo & Imaging Show that has been held in Seoul over Easter, we now have a pretty good idea of what is going to be announced that day.

Besides two new cine lenses, Samyang will very likely announce a new 35mm f1.4 for Canon EF-mount which, for the first time, will sport electronic contacts that allow the use of auto-exposure modes such as program and shutter priority mode. The two other lenses that Samyang is said to announce are a cine version of the 7.5mm f3.5 fisheye lens for Micro Four Thirds, sporting a T3.8 speed rating, as well as a cine version of the recently announced 12mm f2 lens for APS-C mirrorless systems.

Unfortunately, despite many customers asking for it, Samyang will not introduce any autofocus lenses soon, according to an interview with the website DicaHub. This is mainly due to licensing issues, but also the amount of information available on each camera system’s AF. Our guess is that the major player such as Canon and Nikon won’t just give away for free all the secrets of how their respective AF systems work.

Considering the lenses mentioned above have been shown off at the P&I show recently, it is safe to assume that they’ll be officially announced soon. Whether or not one or all of these will be announced next Monday, April the 28th, remains to be seen. Stay tuned!

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Samyang May Be Coming Up With a 10mm or 12mm Lens for Mirrorless, Rumors Say

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Samyang 16mm f2 first impressions (17 of 17)ISO 4001-30 sec at f - 5.6

According to Fuji Rumors, Samyang (better known as Rokinon in the US) may be coming up with a new super wide-angle lens for mirrorless systems soon. While earlier rumors were talking about a 12mm f2 lens, Fuji Rumors now found evidence for a 10mm f2.8 lens. Either would be fantastic, though the difference between 18mm-equivalent and 15mm-equivalent is considerable (assuming the lenses will be made for APS-C systems and not for full-frame). Unless the 10mm is going to be a fish-eye lens, there are currently two comparable lenses with that speed rating (one for DSLRs and one for Leica M), and both are from Zeiss (and extremely expensive.)

The 10mm f2.8 lens is said to become available for most mirrorless systems, including Fuji X, Canon M, Samsung NX, Sony NEX and Micro Four Thirds, but will also be made for DSLR systems from Canon, Nikon, Pentax and Sony. There’s no official word on either lens yet, but we’ll keep our eyes and ears peeled and will let you know of any future developments.

Essentials: The Street Photographer With a Strobe

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Essentials for th Strobist Street Photographer (9 of 9)ISO 2001-200 sec at f - 3.5

Essentials is a brand new series where we round up specially curated kits for different photographers in different situations. Other items could surely be substituted, but these are what we personally recommend.

Every Street Photographer has their own style, and many prefer to work with natural light. But once you start to work with strobes, you begin to realize just how much different your work can start to look. Taking photos of people candidly in the street already requires some bravery, and we’d be lying to you if we said that adding a strobe into the picture (pun not intended) also didn’t require some major stugots.

In the end though, you’ll be rewarded with not only different photos from everyone else but also with the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve learned a new skill.

Here’s what we recommend.

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Holiday 2012: Recommended Lenses for Micro Four Thirds

The Micro Four Thirds system has the biggest choice of lenses of all mirrorless systems so far.

The holiday season is just around the corner, so it’s time to think about the right gear for your holiday pictures. If you’re a Micro Four Thirds user, you’re in a lucky position, as we have seen a whole slew of new lenses for the system in this year — in addition to the great lenses we already had. So no matter whether you’re on the search for a lens to use yourself, or for one to give away to someone for Christmas — this guide will help you pick one (or two, or more) from the vastness of glass that is available for the system by now.

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Shooting Street Photography with the Olympus EP3

Since our full review of the Olympus EP3 (or E-P3, EP-3, and EP 3) we’ve had inquiries about how the camera fares for use in full street photography. Make no mistake, the camera will not make you a better photographer, but the camera will indeed make many shooting situations a heck of a lot easier to deal with. This posting will chronicle my street photography outings that I had while the camera was on loan to me.

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