Shooting Film? All Natural Light Portrait Photographers Need This Tool

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The reflector is one of the most underrated and forgotten about items that any natural light portrait photographer could have. Folks tend to just forget it. Instead, they think that film will do a good enough job and that they can edit it later. But the reality is that you just get really bad-looking scans and edits. With film, you truly need to work at it in-camera. The majority of the work needs to be done when shooting. If anything, just clarity and a bit of sharpening can be done in post-production. 

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20 Terrible Tips for Better Photography You Need in Your Life

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There are lots of great tutorials out there to teach you all about how to take better photos. Some are better than others. But there’s a major lack of photography content out there teaching you awful tips. For example, did you know that you only become a better photographer by trolling in comments? Clearly, you’re thinking about making yourself look better as a photographer absolutely wrong. The real idea is to find a way to make everyone else look bad. That’s the only way that you’ll be successful. And we can learn this from history by looking at the feud between Edison and Tesla.

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6 Photographers Show the World Their Superb Creative Photography

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We love all types of photography here at The Phoblographer. However, we must admit that some of what we see is a bit boring. That’s not to say it’s bad photography, but many photographers do the same thing without pushing their creative boundaries. The good news is, we’re not going to subject you to any of that. We’re going to share a round-up of photographers who think outside the box – a collection of works that shows their artistic flair and creative photography.

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Ale Ruaro Feels He Puts a Unique Spin on his Street Photography

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My name is Ale Ruaro. My text is really bad, so photography is the best way for me to express myself. After studying cinema photography, I found myself in the static image. My photography reflects who I am, quick thoughts, punctual subjects, marked and contrasted light, no photoshop. I live in the center of São Paulo, and whenever I go to Europe, I photograph a lot. In 2019, on my way back from a big trip, I thought I need to photograph around my house to show what I see. I started to dedicate myself a lot to this work, and I believe in its importance, imagining that this place will be cleaner, safer, and with a better income division one day.

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This Remarkable, Creative Photography Will Be The Highlight of Your Day!

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We love creative photography. It’s fun to look at and allows you to forget about the world’s troubles. Imagery doesn’t always have to have a deeper meaning, at least for the consumer. Often it can just be an enjoyable way to pass the time. And the photographers in this piece, along with their creative work, ensure that we forget time exists.

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6 Beautiful Examples of How Photography Promotes Body Positivity

Photography is a wonderful way to develop body positivity.

The human form is a diverse and beautiful thing. And photography is a brilliant process that allows us to capture peoples’ identities. Some subjects love their body while others are learning to love it. Whatever a person’s motivation is to be in front of the camera, the photographer is there to facilitate it. Being behind the camera can help with body positivity too, and we’ve covered this topic at length over the years. Here are some of the more memorable stories we’ve published.

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How to Plan Your First Travel Photography Trip During a Pandemic

With the world slowly opening up, travel photography will boom again.

Many photographers dream of exploring the world with their cameras. The lure of new cultures, amazing architecture, and different climates greatly excites them. But beyond the romance of it all exists a lot of hard work. It’s not easy planning a travel photography trip, especially if it’s your first time. So in this piece, we offer a step by step guide to executing the perfect trip with your camera!

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This Simple Photography Tip Will Ensure You Never Miss a Shot Again!

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Today, metering is easy. Just look through the viewfinder, center the pointer on your exposure scale, and voilà! This is great for someone who is just getting the hang of the exposure triangle. But for those who work at a fast pace, it can be limiting. So this photography tip won’t only challenge you, it will also help you get the best exposure quicker than ever!

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Carlos Ocando’s Double Exposures are a Love Letter to the Natural World

All images by Carlos Ocando. Used with permission.

“I guess I’m using photography as a meditative process, and when I look through the viewfinder, everything disappears…” explains Carlos Ocando. He adds, “it’s just me and nature without all the craziness around.” Ocando is a seasoned photographer with a strong portfolio. His double exposures caught our eye, where his images seem like a visual representation of his relationship with nature. In what he describes as a “life-changing” journey, we caught with Ocando to learn more about his story within photography.

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Photography and Elitist Language: Something Has to Change

Members of the Reddit community have spoken, and these are their least favorite buzz words and phrases from the photography industry.

Like any walk of life, the photography industry has its own language. There’s nothing wrong with that. It makes communication more fun and interesting. But let’s be honest, some of the phrases can be slightly cringy and cheesy. In this piece, we look what which “code words” grind the gears of the Reddit community. And we’ll also explore the importance of inclusive language.

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For Tom Bendelow, Underwater Photography Is a Wonderful Escape

All images by Tom Bendelow. Used with permission. Images of the model are also used with permission.

My name is Tom Bendelow. I make art to slow down, take a breath, and allow myself to focus on only one thing. I find peace by working and eliminating the noise of the outside world. In my artwork, I try to recreate this same sense of focus and provide my viewer with a moment isolated from reality. I like to shoot out “on-location,” somewhere that is outside of my everyday life. I really love to shoot underwater. It’s a completely different space with a whole new set of challenges for me to overcome. When I first look through the viewfinder, I consider what the final version of my image will look like. I try to preconceive what I will do to the image, how I will edit it.

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Street Photography: Where’s the Line on Photographing Breastfeeding?

This photograph may polarize the street photography community.

Street photography is perfect for documenting the current state of society. It acts as a visual form of education that allows us to identify how humanity has evolved. That’s why I love it. So as attitudes change, so do the kinds of images we view. Here’s a perfect example of that and one that is sure to spark debate.

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Photo Tip #202: The Best Umbrella for Natural Light Portraits

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The neon trend in portrait photography came about because it was easy. It was an offshoot of the fascination with 80s ideas. And another easy idea is that of umbrellas. We use them during rainy days, but some folks use them as protection from the sun. That’s where the shoot-through umbrella comes in. Also known as a translucent umbrella, these light modifiers take the sun’s harsh light and filter it. The result: anyone looks great, and it’s a fun accessory to play with on a shoot! Overall, it can take your natural light portraits a notch up!

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Fotografiska New York Spotlights Incredibly Emotional Art in New Exhibits

Get your mask on, and get ready to breathe heavily at the new Fotografiska New York exhibits.

New York City is truly blessed to have two great museums dedicated specifically to photography. It reminds the public that photography isn’t just the act of taking a photo. There’s a lot more meaning behind it. Those meanings come to the fore at the new Fotografiska New York exhibits. Martin Scholler’s latest exhibit investigates folks who got off death row using video, stills, and chilling sound snippets. Naima Green has an exhibit that, to me, stood out mostly for its emphasis on the human touch. Cooper and Gorfer have the most conceptual series there that’s bound to enthrall. But you’ll start with Hassan Hajjaj–who wants to take back his country from just being a nice backdrop.

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Astrophotography Basics That Will Serve Newcomers Well This Season

Astrophotography is incredibly fun, and capturing subjects like the Milky Way is easier than you think.

Have you ever wanted to capture stunning pictures of the night sky but weren’t really sure what you need to do? If so, this beginner’s guide to astrophotography is for you. This quick guide will look at astrophotography basics and cover things such as camera settings and the 500 rule. We’ll also take a quick look at how to plan your shoot and how to stack images. So, if you’re ready to try your hand at astrophotography, head on past the break.

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5 Affordable Lenses That Are Perfect for Spring Landscape Photography

Landscape photographers can get big performance from lenses with smaller price tags.

Spring is upon us, and that means flowers will soon be blooming. The landscapes around us are about to change drastically. It’s this reason that many decide to pick up a camera. When it comes to landscape photography, you don’t need a super expensive, ultra-fast lens. You can actually pick up more affordable options with slower apertures. Landscape photography is about slowing down. When I say this I mean slowing yourself down so you can enjoy the views and slowing down your aperture. You need smaller apertures to get more in focus during landscape photography. The lenses we’ve rounded up after the break are perfect for those new to the genre. You’re going to get sharp lenses that produce gorgeous colors. Best of all, they won’t make your wallet cry. See our picks for the best affordable landscape photography lenses after the break.

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Understanding the Computational Photography in Alice Camera

The Alice camera is targeting a different type of creative and camera user.

“By applying computational photography to the Micro Four Thirds system we want to give people image quality more like that of a full-frame camera, at the price, size, and weight of an MFT camera…” states Liam Donovan, CTO of Alice Camera in an interview with us. In my 12 years of journalism, I can say that’s a very big claim. For the future of the camera market, I’m hoping Alice Camera can hold themselves true to it. Alice Camera is being funded on IndieGogo and promises to be completely different. 

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How Noir Zy Does Very Unique Boudoir Photography

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Hi Chris & Phoblographites,

Is that the right way to say it? It’s taken a fair bit of time for me to work up the courage to submit this to you, but I think I might have just what you want! I’m Noir Zy, no affiliation to Noiz, a photographic alter ego to an Australian photographer based in Melbourne. The anonymity is intentional and a part of who I am. I’ll do my best to write as Noir Zy, but for a moment, let’s hear from the creator. 

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Why Frank Jackson Probably Likes Photography More Than You Do

All images by Frank Jackson. Used with permission.

My name is Frank Jackson. My first photography job was in 1975 as a staff photographer for New York City Summer Work Program; it was all Disco Music, Sun Dresses, Music Festivals, and Block Parties that went on till the next day. I moved to Los Angeles in 1976 to work for IBM for three years; I quit IBM and started photographing for an architect after showing a portfolio of some houses with my 4×5 camera. 

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