ILFORD Shows Us How to Create Black and White Darkroom Prints

If you’re a film photographer looking to make your first black and white darkroom print, ILFORD covers everything you need to know to get started.

For many ardent film photographers, the process is not complete until one has a print of their photo in their hands. Creating a darkroom print is one of the most magical experiences traditional photography offers. If you’ve been shooting film, you might as well go all the way and give darkroom printing a try, with the help of a quick guide from ILFORD.

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Secret Stash: Prized Dewey Nicks Celebrity Polaroids and Prints Part of Autotype Auction

Here’s your chance to own some original Polaroids and prints by the renowned fashion and celebrity photographer Dewey Nicks.

Attention, print collectors! If you’ve been waiting for the next opportunity to add some prized items to your collection, that chance has finally come. Design platform Autotype is set to host an exclusive online auction featuring original works by renowned fashion and celebrity photographer Dewey Nicks. These include never-before-sold prints and prized Polaroids from his personal archive from the 1980s through the early 2000s. This is a great opportunity to snag one-of-a-kind prints featuring some of the world’s most iconic celebrities.

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Review: Leica SL2 (The Camera for the Photographer That Prints)

The Leica SL2 is the follow up to the Leica SL1 that saved a photojournalist.

Throughout my review of the Leica SL2, I tried to keep in mind who the camera is for. Before you snarkily say that it’s for those with too much money, the Leica SL2 has a lot of merit and value to it. It’s fantastic for printing with its special 47MP full-frame sensor. It handles image noise very well. In fact, the overall image quality is great. This is partly thanks to the stellar lenses for the L mount. But it’s also got autofocus that can’t keep up with the rest of the market. Couple all of this together with the ridiculously amazing weather sealing rating and you’ve got a damned great camera. But then give it a nearly $6,000 wrapper, and you’ll sit there scratching your head. But with all this said, it’s a very solid camera.

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MOO Adds a Shiny, Tactile Touch to Their Postcard Prints

Whether you’re looking to make your branding extra eye-catching or simply want to experiment with your photo postcards, MOO has you covered with their new gold and silver foil postcard offering.

Postcard prints persist because they continue to serve many creative purposes, whether for illustrators, photographers, or advertisers. Those who regularly avail of postcard printing services from MOO (on top of their cool business cards) might want to try some creative experiments using the company’s latest offering: Gold and Silver Foil postcards. MOO began offering Gold Foil on Business Cards in 2015 as part of their “Tailored” range. The Silver Foil option was recently added. But if you’re one of the customers wondering if this is also possible on bigger prints, you’re in luck! You’ll be delighted to find that the company is now offering these options on postcards in seven different sizes from Small (4.13″ x 5.83″), Square (4.72″ x 4.72″), to large (6″x 9″). This option used to be an “offline” bespoke print request for some of their larger customers, but its popularity led to MOO finally exploring it as a permanent option on their shop.

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You Can Now Order Prints of Your Images Directly Through Flickr Prints

flickr prints

Flickr wants to become a one-stop-shop for all of your printing needs.

Flickr is going through something of a rebirth of late. After years of decline, the online photographic community was purchased by SmugMug in April 2018. Since the purchase, the once faltering photography service has found new legs, and today another new feature has been added to the online platform. Flickr announced today that a new photo printing service called Flickr Prints is now available to all members. Join us after the break for the details. Continue reading…

These Cameras Deliver Clean Images for Large Prints at ISO 6400

We went through our Reviews Index to find out which cameras deliver great 17×22 inch prints at ISO 6400.

One of the biggest things we test for with High ISO Output from cameras is how well the images print at 17×22 inches. Sure, everything looks great on a computer screen or on your phone at ISO 6400. And in terms of practicality, there is no good reason to pixel peep your images; your clients sure aren’t. They care about how the images will look on their wall when printed large. Printing is sometimes seen as a forgotten art, but if you think about how much joy it brings a photographer to see their images become manifest, then you’ll understand why high ISO output can be very important. So we went through the Reviews Index and our own printed image samples to see how they all stacked up to one another.

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Here’s a Cheap Way to Make Big Wall Art Prints of Your Photos

What if we tell you there’s a way to make big art prints of your favorite photos without breaking the bank? Will you still put off printing your best snaps?

If you’re yet to get your best photos printed, it’s never too late to get started. We can’t stress enough how important and rewarding it is to see your work in print. A great quality print would not only be the final step in creating great work, but will elevate it into a form that everyone can readily look at and admire. But, if you’re not ready to splurge on fine art prints, Alastair Bird shows us a cheap and handmade way to go big.

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Create Great Prints with These Six Essential Photography Studio Tools

You’ll be creating and printing like a boss with these tools!

Having the right tools to edit and print your images in your photography studio is just as important as having the right camera and lenses to take the images. The post processing side of things is often overlooked, but having the right equipment in your photography studio is essential. In this roundup we’re going to look at items that will speed up your post processing times, monitors that display razor sharp, color accurate images, and printers that will blow you away with their print quality. These are all items every photography studio should have, especially if you want to create the best images for you and your clients. Continue reading…

Grab These Rare Weegee Prints of Marilyn Monroe for $3,500 Each

Fans of the stark and unique work of iconic photographer Weegee may very well see the value of these two rare vintage prints.

We have yet another bunch of treats for all of you still in search of the next outstanding piece of photography and history to make part of your collection. This time, it’s a couple of rare, vintage prints by the iconic photojournalist Arthur Usher Fellig, better known by his pseudonym Weegee.

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Aaron Graubart’s “Gyotaku” Photos Are Inspired by Traditional Japanese Prints

All images by Aaron Graubart. Used with permission.

“We didn’t storyboard the images but we did have a clear idea of how they should look,” says photographer Aaron Graubart about his photos inspired by the traditional Japanese fish printing technique called Gyotaku. “Each set was constructed in layers – the printed background, then in some of the images a glass plate, raised above that was a clear perspex sheet with the food arranged on top so that the food appears to float above the surface. Directional, very hard lighting completes the overall effect.” Aaron continued to state that it was a true collaboration between prop stylist Alexander Breeze (who first had the idea to use this as their inspiration), food stylist Sal Henley, and himself.

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Every Photographer Needs Canvas Prints of Their Most Beloved Photos

Canvas prints are some of the best options for photographers to realistically sell to any client.

I think that once any photographers experiences that magical moment when their images become manifest on a surface, they change immediately. But the best thing that any photographer can print on besides a really high end paper type is canvas. Canvas, in my opinion, should be the standard by what all other print types should be measured by due to the fact that so many photos are sold to clients for them to put them in their homes. Canvases provide versatility that isn’t really offered by all print jobs–at least when it comes to adapting to the environment around it.

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These Signed Henri Cartier-Bresson Prints are Going for $25,000 Each

If you’re an avid collector of iconic photography, these signed Henri Cartier-Bresson prints might just be worthy of being your next acquisition. 

Once in a while, we put the spotlight on some rare, original prints by iconic photographers instead of cameras and gear for our noteworthy vintage finds. Among these are Andy Warhol’s Polaroid Self-Portrait, Bert Stein’s worksheet from the Last Sitting with Marilyn Monroe, and a framed Ansel Adams print. Today, we’re adding a signed Henri Cartier-Bresson print to the pile. Whether you’re a street photography enthusiast, a Cartier-Bresson fan, or simply an avid collector of iconic photography, you might want to check this out.

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These High Quality Photo Prints are Made in the Darkroom: Similar to Chrome Film!

“Yes they are!” is what Ken, Printing Department Head over at Duggal, said about the Duggal HD-C prints!

Duggal renamed their chromogenic prints to their HD-C prints a number of years ago. Why? Maybe just to get with it in the digital world and for better marketing. But if you’re understanding of how fantastic prints from darkroom processes can be, then you’ll understand the affordable yet super high quality that they’re delivering to customers via ShopDuggal. These images are made using a very special machine that was previously in use for Spy work. Printing at 600DPI, Duggal’s HD-C Prints are made at a super high resolution that can only be experiencing when using a loupe put right up onto the photos.

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The Phoblographer’s 2018 Guide to Making Prints for Your Loved Ones

Every photographer should give the gift of their work to their dearest, and what better way to do that than with a printed piece of art?

The holidays are coming up soon, and if you’re in the spirit, consider the gift of your own artwork to clients, loved ones, friends, etc. What you create is special: you put effort into it, you spend hours in post-production or with subjects, and you refine your craft and creative vision until you feel like it’s just right. Your art should be on someone’s wall, on their coffee table, in their cubicle, etc. Want to get started? Let’s take a look at some of our favorite options for 2018.

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Hahnemühle Brings a Shimmering Look to Art Prints with New Photo Rag® Metallic

Hahnemühle has just launched a shiny new inkjet paper designed to give your art prints a bold and sophisticated look.

Got some work you’d like to see printed? Hahnemühle recently got the word out on the latest addition to their FineArt inkjet papers. The new Photo Rag® Metallic features a specially formulated high-gloss inkjet coating on natural white cotton paper, and is designed to produce impressive prints and make your best photography projects shine.

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Review: WhiteWall Acrylic Mini Prints (a Pretty Unique Way of Showcasing Your Work)

If you’re a fan of the way Instagram displays your images, I think you’ll like how the WhiteWall Acrylic Mini process can make them manifest.

Long time readers of the Phoblographer will know about how much I value prints. With the WhiteWall Acrylic Mini I was given the opportunity to try something completely new. WhiteWall is an industry standard when it comes to printing photos. Great customer service and fantastic quality leads lots of photographers to trust them for higher end work. With the WhiteWall Acrylic Mini prints, photographers get the ability to create rectangles or squares–perfect for most photographers. They aren’t the largest prints by any means, but I decided to do something very Instagram-style with the WhiteWall Acrylic Mini prints.

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Dennis Ramos’ Landscape and Architecture Photographs Take on a New Form as Platinum Palladium Prints

All photos by Dennis Ramos. Used with Creative Commons permission.

These days, not a lot of photographers delve into creating platinum palladium prints anymore. For one, the process is quite complex and takes considerably longer for anyone who’s used to getting instant results with their digital cameras. Another factor is that the chemicals used are tricky to handle and not easily acquired; you couldn’t just walk into any camera store and find them.

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Landscape Photographer’s Passion for Large Format Prints Will Inspire You

Christopher Burkett is down to his last run of supplies to print his stunning large format landscapes in a meticulous but discontinued analog printing technique

While today’s generation of photographers speak of megapixels and other digital jargon to describe high-resolution images, Oregon photographer Christopher Burkett is still able to achieve precision without the use of digital technology. But, not for long. He’s rushing to print his large format landscape photographs in astounding detail using his last batch of discontinued Cibachrome supplies before they lose their effectiveness.

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Vintage Silver Prints of Censored Dorothea Lange Photos to Start Auction at $30,000

Here’s your chance to own a set of rare vintage prints of Dorothea Lange’s previously censored photographs

Dorothea Lange remains one of the most important and renowned documentary photographers today, best known for her iconic Migrant Mother photograph. However, that 1936 portrait is just one of her gripping visual stories of families faced with hardship. Most likely unknown to many, she also once took photos of Japanese-Americans who were evacuated to an internment camp in California in the early 1940s. A rare selection of these photographs is set to go on auction for the first time.

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Three Photographers Give You Tips on How to Sell Prints

Lots of photographers know nothing about selling their prints. So we asked for some tips.

How do you convince someone to buy a print from you? For most photographers, it can be pretty tough to figure this one out. But with an industry as visual as ours, you’re often best trying to convince someone by showing them the image and not just talking to them about it. I mean, who wouldn’t want a really nice big print of one of your best images in their living room or their office? A part of it is psychology and finding a way to appeal to certain segments. But another part is about putting your best foot forward.

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Instax Share App vs Fujifilm Camera; Which Is Better For Your Instax Prints?

Should you send your images to the Instax Share app first or do it right from camera?

Instax is a great way for photographers to give instant prints to clients, either as a memento of the shoot or as an added service. While most people will have to transfer the images to their phone, Fujifilm shooter has the ability to connect directly to their Instax Printer with their Fujifilm X-Series camera body. This makes the process of printing even quicker, skipping the step of having to send the image to your phone first.

But we got to thinking; are there are image quality differences between the shots sent by phone vs sent from the camera? Continue reading…