How the Contax T2 Became the Most Expensive Point and Shoot Camera

The Contax T2 wasn’t exactly cheap to begin with, but a number of factors pushed it to become the trendiest and most expensive point and shoot film camera today. 

Most likely to the surprise of many, the Contax T2 took the spot as the most expensive (and hyped) point and shoot camera you can get your hands on today, that is if you can pay for it. In the last few years, prices for this premium camera have gone to insane levels, thanks in part to the renewed interest in film photography. The other part we can certainly tie to curious celebrities picking up the camera.

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Dear Zeiss: Please Bring Back the Contax T2 Film Point and Shoot Camera

The Contax T2 has proven itself to be an incredibly popular film camera. So why not bring it back?

In my mind, the film Renaissance is bigger than we’d like to think, but it can be even larger. When speaking to friends who handle sales in the film world, the sales of film itself isn’t necessarily up any more than it was compared to digital. However, the sales of Instax and instant film is really up there. With folks like Kendal Jenner and Chris Helmsworth using the Contax T2, people have been looking to get their hands on it. The prices on eBay skyrocket to $2,000 and even higher in some cases. Indeed, it is a popular film camera highly sought after partially due to its celebrity status. While many of us know that it’s not the camera that takes the picture (it’s the photographer, you dummy) there is certainly appeal about the Contax T2.

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The Digital Compact Camera Market Is Dying But the Contax T2 Is Over $1,000

Reports say compact camera sales haven’t been doing great, but there seems to be one compact camera that goes unfazed. And it’s probably one you wouldn’t have expected.

While overall camera sales are continuing to plummet, there are obvious winners (or at least those keeping afloat) and losers in the game this year so far. According to the latest Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA) shipping report shared by 43rumors., mirrorless cameras are still on top of the game, while DSLR sales continued to decrease. And compact cameras? Well, they’re at the bottom of the pile.

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The Contax T2 Price Tag Is About to Skyrocket to Asgard

Film photographers, brace yourselves: the Contax T2 is going to get even more expensive as another famous celebrity picks one up.

If you’ve long been lusting after a Contax T2, you might have to think twice about getting it. Otherwise, grab it now before you need to shell out a lot more than you’re already set on spending. After Chris Hemsworth announced on Instagram that he’s gone “full hipster” and that he’ll shoot only with film from now on, the price tag of a T2 soaring to new heights isn’t a matter of if, but when.

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This Long Term Review Should Convince You to Get a Contax T2

As if you still need more reasons to get the coveted Contax T2.

Still haven’t made up your mind about getting a Contax T2? We totally get the indecisiveness since it has gotten a lot more expensive in recent years (thanks, Kendall Jenner). But if all you need is a little nudge to convince yourself, this long term review should finally make you decide you really need a Contax T2 in your film photography arsenal.

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Contax T2: The World’s Trendiest Compact Camera?

One of the most popular picks in the compact film camera scene, the Contax T2, has retained its allure almost three decades after being introduced. It was created with the professional market in mind, at a time when the “luxury compact” was in vogue in the 90’s. Its titanium body (for which the “T” stands for), sleek design, handy size, and excellent optics (an f2.8/38mm multi-coated Carl Zeiss T* Sonnar lens) cemented this superstar’s status in the photography world.

In fact, the last ten years or so still saw the Contax T2 being name dropped by international celebrities and celebrity photographers as their compact camera of choice. The latest of them is Kendall Jenner, who whipped out a rare platinum black Contax T2 on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon (photo blogs and groups were quick to slam her for doing photography now but that’s for another story).

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This Rare Unused Contax G2 Set Is Going for a Ton of Money

If the Contax G2 is still on your film camera wishlist, you’d have to prepare a ton of cash to get it at conditions as pristine as this package.

Ever since the Contax brand name made it into the hands of wealthy celebrities (and thereby became a newsmaker in its own right), many of us saw Contax camera prices skyrocket. The T2 and T3 became the first obvious targets. We hate to say we told you so, but it’s now spreading to other models like the Contax G2 rangefinder camera. Case in point is this unused set that is currently going for a crazy amount of cash.

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This Mint Contax G2 Set is Poised to Burn a Hole Through Your Pocket

This beautiful 35mm rangefinder camera, which comes with three lenses and a flash, is going for a lot of cash. Want it? Ready your wallet!

Our latest ebay find is a beauty that’s difficult to ignore, if not for the possible hole it will burn through our pockets! But if you have some $5,500 to spare, this Contax G2 in sleek black, along with three lenses and a flash, would make an impressive addition to your analog arsenal — especially if 35mm rangefinder cameras with advanced features and functions are your thing!

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Review: Fujifilm X-T20 (Fujifilm X Mount)

camera deals

If you were to choose the most bang for your buck camera on the market right now, I’d have a very tough time making a call between the Fujifilm X-T20 and the Sony a650, but I’d lean more towards the Fujifilm offering. With fast autofocus and a selection of some absolutely incredible weather sealed prime lens offerings, in addition to image stabilized lenses, there isn’t much of a reason to dislike the Fujifilm X-T20. Beyond its very Contax film SLR ergonomics, it sports the same sensor as the flagship Fujifilm X-T2 and Fujifilm X Pro 2. Despite lacking the more direct controls of those cameras, it’s still more than good enough for most enthusiast photographers.

And for the videographer that wants some of the closest things available on the market to film emulsions, you’re probably not beating what this camera offers.

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This Black Fujifilm Klasse S Is Worth Adding to Your Premium Compact Wishlist

This pristine Fujifilm Klasse S will catch the attention of fans and collectors of premium compact cameras.

Move over, Contax T2, we’ve found a premium compact camera pricier, newer, and rarer than you. Luxury camera collectors and film photographers (with deep pockets), say hello to this Fujifilm Klasse S Black we recently spotted up for grabs on eBay. If you’re looking for the next pocketable beauty to splurge on, this could be right up your alley.

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Vintage Camera Review: Fujifilm Natura S (The Best Point and Shoot You’ve Never Heard Of)

The Fujifilm Natura S is quickly becoming my favorite point and shoot camera.

When you look on the market, you’re going to find stuff like Contax T2 to be very pricey. The chances that you’re not looking for the Fujifilm Natura S are high. But, the Fujifilm Natura S potentially has a lot more going for it than you’d think. This small point and shoot is easily pocketable and despite its very compact size, it sports a 24mm f1.9 lens. Yes, that’s right; that’s one of the widest and fastest lenses you can get on a point and shoot. It also comes in a variety of colors like green, the pink that I’ve gotten a hold of, and there is a variant called the Fujifilm Natura Black. There is also a version with a zoom lens simply called the Fujifilm Natura. But the Natura S is really where it’s at; its simple interface and not serious look is going to guarantee that you take it with you everywhere.

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Is the Hasselblad 500cm the Medium Format Film Camera for You?

Here’s why the Hasselblad 500cm may or may not be a great choice for you.

Want to give medium format film a go? Hasselblad cameras are among the most recommended and coveted cameras for this, especially the Hasselblad 500cm. If you found Aidan Moneyhon’s long term review of the Contax T2 helpful, you might also want to watch this one to find out if the Hasselblad 500cm is the right choice for you.

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The Point and Shoot Camera Can Succeed if You Make it Less Boring

Point and shoot film cameras could have survived if manufactures just stopped being so damn serious.

If we look at the trends when it comes to spending and even in how people consume content, we can tell that people click on and purchase what they really, really want and not necessarily what they need. This is evident in the fact that so many people don’t buy real cameras with zoom lenses and instead just do the whole digital zoom thing on their phones. But using a phone camera is fun–at a recent serious art event I saw a few young women stand in front of a neon sign for at least 10 minutes taking pictures of themselves. This is the dominant mentality–it’s about convenience and fun. I mean, come on–there’s an app called Huji that simulates what a disposable camera can do. But the truth is that the modern disposable camera just isn’t sexy. The further, not sugar coated truth, is that manufacturers are very busy creating cameras for an incredibly incestuous community.

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Antonio Privitera’s Inner City Blues: The Story of a Dream Come True

New York City – the land where dreams come true…

“Oh my god! I was super excited, thrilled to get there!” says Antonio Privitera as he recounts how his childhood dream to shoot the streets of New York finally came true. His latest series is not just an exploration of New York, it’s a narrative that tells the story of a photographer in his element. It’s the perfect advertisement for what happens when a creative mind meets an inspiring destination. Simply put, this is freedom and love communicated through the medium of photography. When we spoke to Antonio we felt his enthusiasm. We connected to his passion. Through his dark, cinematic-like images we got a sense for each step that he walked. His energy is contagious and through his words and photographs, he gave us the same feeling of euphoria that he had when he first stepped foot in the Big Apple. With his headphones on, his music of choice being the soundtrack of his movie, he takes us on his journey. S

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Dear Fujifilm: Please Give Us a Digital Fujifilm Natura Black Point and Shoot

One of the most perfect film point and shoot cameras should find new life in the digital world: The Fujifilm Natura Black.

While I’m still a big lover of the Hexar AF, I have to admit that the Fujifilm Natura Black has always been a camera I’ve lusted over for fantastic reasons. With much talk about Fujifilm and their point and shoot lineup, I decided that I’d look back in their history. Obviously the T-X2 is on the list of cameras that folks think about, but circles of photographers in the know perhaps have kept the Fujifilm Natura Black a secret for years. If you find them on eBay, they’re often in good condition or heavily discounted due to the slightest ding. But those slight dings aren’t to worry over, especially when you consider just how great this camera is.

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Compact Cameras, The Future: A Call to the Camera Manufacturers

Since I have been running this site and doing this job I have watched as the prices for compact cameras have steadily increased into the sort of price ranges usually reserved for collectible cameras. I do feel partly responsible for this as the site helped to popularise these cameras and bring them to new audiences.

But this was also inevitable. These cameras are getting expensive not just because they are more popular, but also because there are fewer and fewer or them available now. Even the younger compact cameras (apart from the Fuji Klasse) are over 10 years old now and they are reaching their performance limits. Basically the cameras are dying and there is nobody that can rescue them.

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A Look at How Digital Cameras Lose Their Value Compared to Film Bodies

If you’ve even decided to click on this article then you’re probably aware of some of the frustrations some of your fellow photographers feel. Let’s preface this: four or five years ago you may have purchased a Fujifilm X Pro 1. Last year it was updated, giving it a sufficient four year life span. Now you want to upgrade, and you’re finding they’re still going for at a ridiculously low price brand new and only a few hundred used. But the newer cameras like the Fujifilm X Pro 2 costs around $1,699. Fujifilm isn’t exclusive to this: so too is Sony and the Micro Four Thirds coalition.

Now if you look at some of the film camera bodies, you’ll start to realize just how well they hold their value–especially if the system is still current.

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5 Incredible Film Point and Shoot Cameras For Concert Photography (Premium)

The images used in this article have been embedded via Flickr and are copyright their respective owners. Click on an image to be taken to the Flickr page. Lead Image by Tomohisa

If you want to shoot a concert these days you can just get outta here with any ideas of taking your ‘professional’ camera into the show with you without a press credential. Setting aside compact digital options, one idea you may consider is an old film point and shoot paired with a quality high-speed black and white film.

These cameras are small, compact, and most likely won’t be prohibited from an event. We have compiled a list of five film point and shoot cameras that we think have the chops to help you capture some amazing concert imagery from the crowd perspective.




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Ka Wing Falkena: Street Photography with Kodak Tri-X

All images by Ka Wing Falkena. Used with permission.

Ka Wing Falkena is a Dutch photographer from Amsterdam who got into the art form by befriending a number of professional photographers who did a lot of street photography. “It was a bit scary in the beginning, but when that feeling was gone, I actually felt quite good.” he says in an email to the Phoblographer. “Walking on the street, only having to concentrate on light, composition and the subjects surrounding me, made me really relaxed. When I noticed that, I started doing it more and more.”

He’s been shooting for four years now, and tries to dedicate some time each day to the craft.

Like many of you, Ka Wing is a lover of Kodak Tri-X. But he tends to push his film quite a bit as he finds that it suits his creative vision.

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Derek Corneau: Moments on Film


All images by Derek Corneau. Used with permission.

“You can shoot a 36 exposure roll of film and have in your mind the way the image will develop, but when you get the roll back you can be completely surprised how the photos actually come out. Also, you have to be patient while shooting film.”

“I am a 34 year old film photographer born and raised in St. Pete, Florida. I currently live in downtown St. Pete and enjoy capturing the energy of streets.” says photographer Derek Corneau. Derek is a film photographer and uses a Contax T2 & Canon AE-1. In his spare time, he runs Analogue Sunrise, which is film collective dedicated to film photography.

Though he loves digital too, he has a major affinity for film; as you can tell from his Flickr.

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