This Long Term Review Should Convince You to Get a Contax T2

As if you still need more reasons to get the coveted Contax T2.

Still haven’t made up your mind about getting a Contax T2? We totally get the indecisiveness since it has gotten a lot more expensive in recent years (thanks, Kendall Jenner). But if all you need is a little nudge to convince yourself, this long term review should finally make you decide you really need a Contax T2 in your film photography arsenal.

With the Contax T2 now having the “World’s Most Fashionable Camera” status, many photographers find more reasons to get it than not. Some may find it hard to justify the price tag this iconic compact camera now commands; others just need some assurance that they’re getting their money’s worth. Whatever the case is for you, this long term review video by Aidan Moneyhon should give you some insights on why the Contax T2 is the best 35mm travel companion you can buy.

Having owned the Contax T2 for just about a year, Aidan felt it was time to share what he thought about the legendary compact. It has become one of his favorite cameras for a handful of reasons (endearing qualities, he even said) that he shares with most T2 snappers. First, he found it easy to use, essentially being a point and shoot camera. Then, there’s compact and sleek design that makes it easy to slip the T2 in and out of your shirt pockets or small bags. Next is the outstanding image quality and sharpness of its Zeiss lens. Like Aidan, everyone also loves the T2’s luxurious metal body, made of sturdy and beautiful titanium.

In terms of the features that come with it, he has found that it’s as easy as it gets. However, he notes it also has some controls that professional photographers can fiddle around with. But essentially, if you want to take advantage of its point and shoot features and trust it to deliver excellent results, you can easily do so.

As far as cons go, Aidan only mentions one downside that may or may not be of consequence to most people eyeing this luxury compact. It produces a pretty noticeable vignetting, especially when you’re shooting something very bright. However, since that’s something most editing software can already take care of, he doesn’t consider it as a major con.

All in all, Aidan has found the Contax T2 to be perfect for photographers who are always travelling, or love shooting with the convenience of point and shoot cameras.

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